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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Auction Kings

Love this Show!! Especially the episode with the Rolling Stones snooker table! That is so cool!

Auction Kings
-Reality TV series
-Premiered on Oct. 26, 2010
-Features the auction huose Gallery 63 in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
-And at the 2nd commercial break,a question is asked about something
-And also when they are showing the item, they will show important little bits of info about it. Like on the episode with the snooker table, it says that in the UK and England, Snooker is similar to pool, except has more balls of color and more rules, the cues are shorter and is more difficult to play

Paul Brown: Owner of Gallery 63.
-2nd generation auction house owner
-Took a job with his father's auction house in 1989
Cindy Shook
-Cindy and Paul worked together at his father's auction house in the early 1990s
-Functions as both office manager and inventory manager
John Hammond
-Not only helps process items, but will also go in search of items
Delfino Ramos
-Often items are brought to the auction house in need of cleanup or repair.

Vampire Hunting Kit/Meteorite
-A softball sized meteorite that struck Russia in 1947, a vamire-killing kit from the 1800s, Jon(newest employee) finds a signed copy of Gone with the Wind and a genuine Nazi handbook from WWII
Love Meter/Knights of the Templar Sword
-Delfino's handyman skills are challenged with a classic 'Love Meter' arcade game. A monk brings in a 1637 Episcoopalian prayer book that was brought to America during the REvoultionary War and used in the church attended by some of the Founding Fathers. A man brings in his grandfather's Knights of the Templar coat and sword

Ladies Muff Pistols/John Hancock's Book
-A collector brings in a pair of 19th century ladies muff pistols designed to be concealed in a hand muff, while another person offers an early print Great Gatsby and a book signed by John Hancock.
Rolling Stones Snooker Table/Aliens
-This is my favorite episode!
-A seller brings in a snooker table he built for The Rolling Stones for them to use while they toured. The man who brings it in has pictures of Keith playing on it, Mick playing on it, and the rest of the Stones playing around on it. A woman's collection of rare African artifacts including an elephant mask 2 iron throne chairs and a terracotta honey pot. Paul's dad Bob decides to sell a family of alien props he took as a trade for a pool table
Iwo Jima Sword/Cathouse Chairs
-A 1969 Oldsmobile 442, 2 chairs reportedly from a New Orleans cathouse, a WWI Japanese rifle and sword still partially wrapped in the 60 year old paper used to mail them home from the battlefield
Dino Tooth/Victorian Furniture
-The Gallery 63 crew struggles with Cindy's new buy, a drum set.

From the episode about 'The Wacky Taxi', a taxi limo

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