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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

-The movie revolves around the lives of 2 NYPD police detectives, Det. Sgt. Deke DaSilva(Sylvester Stallone), Det. Sgt. Matthew Fox(Billy Dee Williams) who work undercover, and a terrorist named Heymar Reinhardt aka Wulfgar(Rutger Hauer). It's set in the late night to early morning hours of New Year's Eve, 1979. 3 armed assailants attempt to mug a supposedly unsuspecting woman, who turns out to be DaSilva in drag for a careful sting operation. Fox immobilizes 2 of the suspects asa Deke chases the 3rd upstairs to the 174th St. Subway station platform and dares to cut him. Deke captures him and arrests him

-The next scene cuts to London on the same day where Wulfgar bombs a department store, instilling the will of fear in the surrounding society. Meanwhile, back in NYC, on January 4, 1980, DaSilva and Fox serve a high risk warrant in the Bronx. They raid a known drug distribution spot. 2 days later in London, Wulfgar converses with his contact at a party. Kenneth, who tells him that Mercer, a financier of Wulfgar's operations, is withholding money owed to Wulfgar because of several children being hurt in Wulfgar's latest bombing. He quickly discovers that Kenneth has been held at Heathrow Airport in police custody, and has led police to Wulfgar's location. He proceeds to murder Kenneth and the cops who are at the location. The next day he flees to Paris to meet his associate, Shakka Holland(Persis Khambatta) at La-Sainte Chapelle. Shakka remarks that La-Sainte Chapelle is a bad meeting place because it's next to the Palais de Justice, a courthouse in Paris. She informs him that Kenneth's death was a rash decision and that the police found a passport that he'd brought to Wulfgar. He realizes he has killed one of his own and is now facing alienation. With his identity known by all European officials, Wulfgar and Shakka visit a plastic surgeon who changes Wulfgar's appearance. After the process, the surgeon becomes expendable and is murdered by Wulfgar, who flees to New York City

-After having their undercover identities compromised by 2 uniformed officers, DaSilva and Fox are informed that they have been transferred to a special Federal State Unit. After a touchy meeting with their superior, Lt. Munafo(Joe Spinell), they find out that their orders came from the commissioner, who received the orders from Washington D.C. They were recommended for this because of their service in Vietnam. The Anti-Terrorist Action Command(A.T.A.C) squad is assembled by INTERPOL British Counter-Terrorist specialist Peter Hartman(Nigel Davenport). Hartman believes that Wulfgar will come to the US. He schools DaSilva, Fox and a specially trained team of New York police on Wulfgar, Shakka and terrorism in general. But the 'shoot to kill' method Hartman encourages does not suit well with DaSilva. And when Hartman makes a comment pertaining to DaSilva's ex-wife, he leaves and opens up to the connections of underground New York City

-According to Hartman, Wulfgar wastes no time in becoming familiar with new ground. Hartman states that Wulfgar will try to find safe housing for his arsenal. Sure enough, he meets a flight attendant named Pam in a nightclub and moves in with her. When she discovers his arsenal, he kills her. On Jan. 17, the members of the A.T.A.C are protecting a UN function at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Shakka infiltrates in disguise. She corners Hartman on an escalator and kills him. Wulfgar and Shakka hijack a Roosevelt Island Tram car carrying UN reps. He kills the wife of the French ambassador all while DaSilva watches from a nearby police helicopter as a penalty for the nightclub and subway chase. Wulfgar releases an infant onboard the car and demands that DaSilva board the tram. He is winched up to the aerial team and confronts the man and wants to know why Wulfgar killed the woman. DaSilva rescues the baby and is lowered to a waiting barge below

-The police meet the demands that Wulfgar has set; an MTA New York City Transit bus to escort him and the hostages to the airport, where a jet is waiting to takeoff.  Wulfgar and Shakka hide among the hostages. DaSilva waits until they try to board before making a move. He plays back a recording of Hartman's lecturer in which the terrorist expert denounces Shakka. In a rage, she breaks from the hostages and is gunned down by Fox. Wulfgar returns fire. He escapes driving the bus off a ramp into the East River.

-A search of the wreckage shows no sign of Wulfgar. The team finds the store where Wulfgar was staying and DaSilva finds that Wulfgar has gathered information on all members of A.T.A.C, such as Fox, Hartman, and DaSilva; the address of his  ex-wife Irene(Lindsay Wagner) is found on one of the printouts. Wulfgar makes his way to Irene's house, hides outside and sees her walk up to the house and go in. He breaks in, finds her washing dishes and sneaks up behind her holding a knife. But DaSilva has made it first, he turns around wearing a long blonde wig and a housecoat, holding a gun. DaSilva fires back at him, sending his dead body into the street.


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