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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Law and Order:UK Actors/Actresses

Law and Order: UK
This post is about the actors and actresses on Law and Order: UK. To help people get to know them better, I guess.

Bradley Walsh

Jamie Bamber [insert little hearts!!!!]
Man oh man, what a sexy hunk of English hottie!!!!

OMG! Arrest me!!! I've been bad, put me in cuffs, lol,  hahahahaha

Paul Nichols. Where the hell are they finding these incredibly sexy British guys? They're coming out the woodwork. They need to keep coming out, omg!!!!!

Harriet Walter
She reminds me of a British Olivia Benson

Aw, she looks nice.

Ben Daniels

Dominic Rowan. OMG, where are they finding these incredibly sexy British dudes?

Freema Agyeman

Bill Patterson

Peter Davison

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