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An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 04-A Good Book

This will take a while...

-Elie Wiesel
-This story tells how Elie Wiesel went from being a deeply observant student to being a victim of the Holocaust, how he lost his whole family in the various camps dotted around Europe
First Blood
-David Morrell
-This novel is what inspired one of the bigger movies for Sylvester Stallone. First Blood tells the story of a war-torn Vietnam Vet named John Rambo who is passing through the small Kentucky town of Madison, on his way to meet up with members of his former military team. The local sheriff, Will Teasle, takes an instant dislike to his disheveled appearance. After arresting him and torturing him, this induces flashbacks, which cause him to escape, naked into the town and the surrounding forest, prompting a large manhunt with help from his former commanding officer, Col. Trautman
Escape from Auschwitz
-Joel C. Rosenberg
-Jacob Weisz is a deeply observant Jew living in Germany with his family. When the time comes for all Jews to be rounded up and headed to the camps, they escape, trying to form a resistance group, thanks to his uncle Avi. In France, a small town pastor named Jean-Luc Leclerc and his family have become unofficial aids to Jewish families fleeing the Third Reich. When the Nazis arrest Luc, he is sent to Auschwitz, but not far behind him is Jacob, who was accidentally trapped in a cattle car trying to rescue prisoners. While in camp, the two, with the help of the local underground resistance, hatch a plan to escape Auschwitz and tell the world of the horrors
Private Games
-James Patterson
-Private London is a fictional investigation firm, just part of a worldwide investigation firm called Private International. Agents from all over are filing into London to get security passes for the 2012 Olympic Games. A killer named Cronus and his three Furies believe the games have been corrupted and the only way to "cleanse" them are to kill the athletes and coaches and make it look as though they are the dirty ones
-Stephen King
-Carietta White is not your typical teen. Her mother, Margaret White, is a fanatical religious woman who believes in living a pure life of Christ. When Carrie is showering and she gets her first menstrual period, she is completely ignorant of the concept of menstruation and starts believing she is bleeding to death. After the girls pelt her with tampons and sanitary napkins, one of the girls, Sue Snell, feels bad and tries to make up for it by sending Carrie to the Spring Ball with her boyfriend, Tommy Ross. Little does anyone know that Carrie is telekinetic and can move and control things with her mind. She turns the Spring Ball into a slaughterhouse, murdering her classmates and destroying the small town in which they live, Chamberlain in a fiery inferno of destruction
The Green Mile
-Stephen King
-John Coffey is a large black man on death row, accused and convicted of the rape and murder of two white twin girls named Kathe and Cora Detterick. He's not your average prisoner. When he is brought onto "The Green Mile", named for the lime-green linoleum there, head guard Paul Edgecombe is treating him like every other prisoner, "You be nice to me and I'll be nice to you". Soon he finds out John is like a mystical healer, able to take the hurt and sick out of people and cure them. But when it's too late to prove his innocence in the rape/murder case and he executes John in the electric chair, Paul is condemned to suffer by watching those he loves die before his eyes while he continues to grow old

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