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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 28-This year, in detail

This year has been interesting, lol

Discovered new music
-Discovered the band As Lions. They are really good and I am eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album, Selfish Age
Turned my sister on to new music
-I am surprised that she started listening to Iron Maiden. But, of course, she automatically found two favorites in the band, lol. She thinks Bruce Dickinson and Dave Murray are cute, even at their current age, lol!!
My sister thinks Bruce and Dave are still handsome
Got all my shopping and wrapping for the holidays done before the 1st of Dec.
-I always make it a habit of having this done early

Found out my grandmother is going downhill fast
-She was recently diagnosed with dementia and anyone who has had any kind of encounter with this terrible condition knows it only leads down one road-Alzheimer's

Went to a few concerts
-Seen Sebastian Bach in concert. That was awesome. Saw an 80s tribute band called Sixteen Candles, which covers the 80s pop stuff. I would highly recommend checking them out. You'll love them. Also saw an 80s hair metal tribute band called Headbanger's Ball. They play 80s metal stuff. Also check them out. Seen a KISS tribute band called Mr. Speed and an AC/DC tribute band called Highway to Hell. One tribute band I've heard a lot about is BloodStone, a Judas Priest tribute band, along with Revelations: A Tribute to Iron Maiden. It seems like there are all kinds of tribute bands popping up, with another Judas Priest tribute band called Judas Rising and Judas Maiden, who covers both Priest and Maiden
Mr. Speed, KISS tribute band. They look just like the real guys; sound like them too!
Went to Mexico again
-This time, instead of heatstroke like the first time, I got bad sunburn. Apparently I didn't know you could go into your luggage before it's brought up to your rooms. Our luggage wasn't brought up; my sister and mom had to go and retrieve the luggage. It was raining and my sister Jessie slipped on the polished concrete and fell, but thankfully she was okay. It was a good vacation, except for the sunburn part. My sister flipped her lid when she saw flamingos, tons of them, just walking around. She is a massive flamingo freak; she loves EVERYTHING related to flamingos

Got two more tattoos
-This year, I got "Let It Be" surrounded by music notes on my left shoulder, above my peace sign daisy tattoo, to keep the 1960s thing going and on my right shoulder, I got a cow munching grass, since cows are my all time favorite animal. I'm a severe nut for cows. I got mostly cow-themed stuff for Christmas, like a cow-spot blanket, a figure of a cow, cow slippers, a cow-spot steering wheel cover for my car.

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