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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Top 25 Metal Mascots

This is the last place you would expect a mascot to show up. But sometimes a band likes having a little fun and having a mascot right there to represent them. Here are the Top 25 Metal Mascots.

-The death metal band from Canada unleashed this eerie creature, dubbed the "Heartbeast" in 2006
Not Man
-This creation has never made even one appearance on their albums, but has become a recognizable symbol of Anthrax. It was inspired by the face of a doll in a Boston shop and Island records wanted the face to become the band's mascot during the era of Spreading the Disease
-In Flames
-This creature graces the cover of one of Sweden's bigger death metal bands' albums. It made its debut on the track "The Jester's Race" and came to life via Anders Friden and Niklas Sundin.
-Avenged Sevenfold
-This logo made its debut in 2003 on the album Waking the Fallen
Mad Butcher
-This one comes from the German metal band Destruction. He regularly makes appearances at their concerts, decked out in a bloody apron, wielding a meat cleaver
-More than just a mascot for this band, it apparently gives inside info about goings on within the group
Scary Guy
-Created by James Hetfield. He is also responsible for the creation of the immediately identifiable logo of Metallica
Ziltoid the Omniscent
-Devin Townshend
-Devin Townshend must have been high or smoking something when he created this creature
-Danzig, Samhain
-This logo has become famous for Danzig's debut album and November Coming Fire by Samhain
-His appearance may have changed over the years, but his name has remained constant. His name came from "Korgull the Exterminator" from the band's Rrroooaaarrr album, and later telling his story on Dimension Hatross
-Five Finger Death Punch
-This mascot's name also, lovingly, describes the band's fanbase
Man with the Iron Mask
-Quiet Riot
-He made only one appearance and that was on the front of the band's album Metal Health
Set Abominae
-Iced Earth
-Not only is the band's legendary mascot, but his life story is spread out over three albums. It started with Something Wicked This Way Comes in 1998. Gives new meaning to the phrase "Let slip the dogs of war". LOL!!
Sargent D
-Stormtroopers of Death
-Starting out as a simple sketch by Scott Ian of Anthrax, this went on to be the mascot for the band Stormtroopers of Death
Henry/Fallen Angel
-Black Sabbath
-No one really knows when this mystical figure first made an appearance. But it's said that he first appeared in 1976 or 1977 on the Never Say Die! tour. He appeared on Bill Ward's kick drums, Heaven and Hell's The Devil You Know, along with The Dio Years album among others
-Initially, the German thrash legends made their money on songs about occult, but made the more friendly switch to warfare and society. Their mascot came to be on Persecution Mania. He is on constant high alert, waiting for enemies around the corner, going to war on "Agent Orange", carrying a fallen brother in arms on "M-16" and getting payback on "Epitome of Torture"
-This came to be on the band's 1988 Under the Influence album. Originally he was a triangle logo on W.F.O. and The Killing Kind to spreading his wings on Necroshine, was chained in irons on Ironbound and finally got a shock of electricity on The Electric Age
-This is the same band who gets on Avenged Sevenfold's case about their logo looking too similar to theirs. Yet, they don't stop and think about the way Overkill writes their name looking a bit too similar to the way Iron Maiden writes their name? Especially with the way the 'O' and the 'A' are?

Just like Overkill got on Avenged Sevenfold, saying "Get your own f---ing logo". Maybe Steve Harris should say this to Overkill instead! Obviously there is more than just a passing similarity between the logos of Maiden an Overkill!!
-Children of Bodom
-When it comes to heavy metal imagery, the Grim Reaper is a very recognizable symbol of the End, Death, etc. But Children of Bodom enlisted this collector of souls on every one of their albums. He appears in various shades of colors, staring into the distance or staring at your soul, as if to stake a claim on it. No matter what, this death angel is their official mascot. It's simple and brings a simple message-death is out there. Sometimes it does good to keep it simple
Violent Mind
-Listeners of this band probably have disturbing or cautionary thoughts looking at the sinister smile of this mascot and listening to the music. Its first appearance was Coma of Souls in 1990. Since then, has graced the albums Enemy of God, Hordes of Chaos, Violent Revolution with his presence
The Guy
-This logo got its start on The Sickness, as a disturbing white-lined face on black background
Jack O. Lantern
-What represents Halloween more? Jack O'Lanterns. This German power metal band has managed to transform one of Halloween's most iconic images into their own, with a strong touch of humor. Who says metal can't have humor?
-He made his appearance on albums like Holy Diver, Last in Line, Dream Evil
-He debuted in 1977, on the band's first debut album. He has become just as well known as Lemmy's gravelly voiced vocals. It was even the front of a train on the band's Orgasmatron album
Vic Rattlehead
-He is the literal embodiment of "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil"
-Iron Maiden
-AND THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SHOCKING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
-This is the top-ranking mascot of metal. He's been a pharaoh (Powerslave), a puppeteer of the Devil (Number of the Beast), a tortured soul (X Factor), a psych patient (Piece of Mind) and even a Mayan Warrior (The Book of Souls)

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