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Monday, December 19, 2016

I found a new band I like-As Lions

I checked them out over the weekend because on Amazon, if you are looking at a CD or listening to it, it will suggest music similar to this. I was listening to Iron Maiden's Powerslave album and down below, under "Suggested titles", As Lions had come up. I had heard of them only after seeing their singer, Austin Dickinson, singing with Five Finger Death Punch on a YouTube video. I have to admit that these guys are awesome. I had pre-ordered their new debut album Selfish Age and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. The only thing I had known about them was that their singer is the son of Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson. But what I did not know was that this was a UK-based metal core band and in fact this band will be playing at Rock on the Range in 2017. For those unaware, Rock on the Range is a three day heavy metal and rock music festival in Columbus, OH. Three days of head banging rock and ear bleeding metal, lol!! The music these guys make doesn't even sound like metal. It sounds like really harmonic, melodic hard rock and not metal. But it's awesome and I can't wait to get their debut album!!!
Here is their site.

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