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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 21-Your favorite movie

God, this list is going to be long. Generally anything with Hugh Jackman, Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone, Chow Yun-fat or anything music-related I will watch

-An English baroness must go to Australia to sell her father's estate, Faraway Downs, but in the process learns how to round up cattle and falls for the Drover (Hugh Jackman) in charge of the cattle
Flushed Away
-A pampered pet rat named Roddy St. James is accidentally flushed down the toilet and ends up in an underground version of London, where he runs into a scavenger rat named Rita. They both get caught up in a toad's attempt to flush out the underground world where she lives during the soccer World Cup
Flight 666
-This is a concert film about heavy metal band Iron Maiden's 2008 Somewhere Back in Time tour
Tango & Cash
-Two rival cops are set up for murder and must work with each other to prove their innocence
First Blood
-This is the film that introduces the character known as Rambo. John Rambo is a war-torn Vietnam Vet just passing through a small town on his way to meet up with the members of his military unit. The local sheriff doesn't like his disheveled appearance and arrests him. The cops torture him, forcing flashbacks and he escapes, prompting a large, wide-scale manhunt
-Everyone knows this series. It's about a down and out boxer who manages to become the world championship boxer
Kiss of the Dragon
-Jet Li plays Liu Jian, a Beijing police officer in Paris to arrest a drug kingpin known only as Mr. Big. When a corrupt Parisian police officer kills him and Jian witnesses it on screen, the Parisian officer convinces his fellow cops Liu is a psychotic killer and has the whole Parisian police force out looking for him. The only known witness is an American prostitute named Jessica Kamen (Bridget Fonda), who can prove his innocence
-Jet Li plays a man with a child-like mentality who was taken from his mother, a piano virtuoso, at a young age and trained to be an attack dog for a vicious London loan shark. When the car they're in crashes one day, Li escapes and finds himself in the loving care of a blind piano tuner and his daughter, who are in London while she attends school and after she graduates, are going back to New York. This piano tuner offers to take him with them, which Li graciously accepts
Bulletproof Monk
-Chow Yun-fat plays the Monk with No Name. He has a scroll which will give unlimited power. He must seek out a new keeper of the scroll to prevent it falling into the wrong hands, which in this case are two Nazis from the 1940s
-This is one of Mick Jagger's attempts at acting. He's pretty good in it. Emilio Estevez plays Alex Furlong, a race car driver brought into the future as the recipient of a mind transplant for a rich, dying businessman. When he escapes, "Bonejackers", mercenaries with time travel technology, led by one Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger), must seek him out
Detroit Rock City
-Four teens-Hawk, Trip, Jam, Lex- are all fans of the band KISS. They are also in a band that plays KISS music called Mystery. They have been trying desperately to see KISS in concert, but all attempts have been futile. Only when Jam's mother, a religious fanatic who believes KISS stands for "Knights in Satan's Service", finds tickets to the band in her son's pocket, she embarrasses him at school with a rant over the PA and forces him to watch as she burns the tickets, not knowing her son's friends are also watching. It then becomes an all out mission to see KISS play at Cobo Hall in Detroit
Across the Universe
-Jude (Jim Sturgess) is a Liverpool dock worker who joins the Merchant Navy. While on the East Coast, he meets up with his father, who basically turns him away. While on campus, he meets Max, a rich kid who has been drafted and he meets his sister Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). The two fall in love amidst the heightening Vietnam protests
Ninja Assassin
-I honestly didn't know how violent and bloody/gory this movie was until I seen it. It's about a ninja who wants to break away from his clan and in the process is accused of murder and becomes the target of EUROPOL, who are trying to prove that ninjas are used for murder-for-hire missions. The person who plays the main ninja is a Korean pop singer named Rain. He's very attractive
-No matter how many times I see this, I still love it every time. Reminds me of Chinese culture, which I love so much!
Memoirs of a Geisha
-Chiyo, a young girl from a fishing village, along with her sister Satsu, are sold out by their parents to a man named Mr. Tanaka, who takes them to Kyoto and takes Chiyo to an okiya (geisha boarding house) because of her pretty looks and Satsu to a house of prostitution. Chiyo then learns all the things she must know to become a geisha and in time, becomes one of the most revered geisha of all, but not before running into problems with her okiya's resident geisha, Hatsumomo, who is the okiya's main earner and is cruel, devilish and bullying
The Full Monty
-A group of Sheffield, England steel mill workers have been laid off. One of them, nicknamed "Gaz", is looking to make some quick money for child support payments. While going through town one day, he sees a line of women queuing up outside a nightclub and he quickly sees why. The American male entertainer troupe the Chippendales are inside. He gets an idea to have them all become strippers and do "the full monty", meaning go down to complete nudity

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