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Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 12-Something random-Handsome guys

How I see beauty

Simply put, I think the guys listed below are handsome for their age. For each guy, I mention the reasons they are on here. Whether it be personality, talents, etc.

You know how everyone sees beauty differently? How some things about certain men or women appeal to certain men or women? Or how certain things, like physical features, personality, or something as simple as where a person is from might seem attractive? I always have to wonder if people think I'm odd because I happen to think accents on guys are attractive. I also happen to think that guys sometimes stay handsome as they age or they look good for their ages. Seems like my weakness is English accents on guys. I'm not sure why, but I just find that accent to be particularly handsome. Along with Australian accents on guys

With each guy I think is handsome, there are reasons for that, definitely not shallow reasons like "He's cute", or something

Dave Murray
-Iron Maiden, guitar
-I find him handsome for his age because he has a very sweet, kind, loving personality. He's more or less the kind of guy to simply go with the flow and not ask a lot of questions. He's also a private guy, not one to give a lot of himself away. I think it's nice to see a rockstar completely devoid of ego, which is an incredible rarity nowadays. Something that also amazes me is that in the chapter of Run to the Hills: Iron Maiden, the Authorized Biography, about Dave Murray, is that he said that when he made some money with Maiden, the first thing he did was buy his parents a nice house so they wouldn't have to move anymore. So that if this music thing didn't work out, he could at least say he did something nice
Glenn Hughes
-Deep Purple/solo, bass, vocals
-I love his solo stuff. I never knew he was with Deep Purple until I read that book about him, just out curiosity. His solo stuff is amazing and I bought his new Resonate album. Definitely worth checking out. I love his personality. He's a kind, sweet, loving guy. He's never cheated on people while in relationships, that anyone knows of, at least. He just seems like a really loving guy
Glenn Tipton
-Judas Priest, guitar
-I never knew he wrote the bulk of lyrics for Judas Priest. How awesome is that. I think he's handsome and incredibly intelligent. He has an English accent, definitely one of my biggest weaknesses, lol. But then again, I'm sure a lot of people are under the impression that American women fall head over heels for English accents on guys, lol. I definitely like Glenn because he's a smart guy, a good guitar player and a just all around nice guy. I honestly never knew he was married and had two kids named Ricky and Corinna
Hugh Jackman
-He's a very good actor. He can do comedy one minute and drama the next
Bruce Dickinson
-Iron Maiden, vocals
-After reading a book about him called Bruce Dickinson: Flashing Metal with Maiden and Flying Solo, I know a little more about the "Air Raid Siren". He has a personality that does not allow him to knuckle under from people putting him down. His grandfather taught him to never let anyone grind you down. He's not only a good singer, but in interviews, he just seems like a very calm, laid back guy who doesn't like to give too much of himself away. Besides, when he was diagnosed with cancer, it shocked everyone, because they probably thought he wasn't going to make it, but he managed to beat cancer and is still going strong, even into his late fifties. Also, there is a biography about him that is due to come out in April of next year, titled Bruce Dickinson: Maiden Voyage. I can't wait for it to show up. It's listed as the first biography of Bruce Dickinson
Steve Harris
-Iron Maiden/British Lion, bass, vocals
-People often peg this guy as being arrogant, demanding or just egotistical. If he wasn't demanding, Iron Maiden would not be where it was today. It was because of him that Iron Maiden exists in the first place. Obviously the first two bands he was with, Gypsy's Kiss and Smiler, didn't go far. So he wanted a band that he could control the music direction of. To be honest, I've seen interviews he's done. He does not peg me as arrogant. Demanding, yes, but arrogant no. He just wants what's best for the band he created. He's an amazing bass player, a good dad, a good husband and just an all around nice guy. He's definitely dedicated to his football team, West Ham United, so much so that he got the logo for the team tattooed on his arm and is present on his Fender Precision bass guitar. Besides, he's a pretty smart guy. You essentially have to have some kind of intelligence to be a musician, to write songs that are going to chart
Sylvester Stallone
-I like the fact he's a good actor. He can do drama one minute, comedy the next. He can do almost any role. People make fun of him because of the way he talks. If you knew why he talks the way he does, then you would understand. When his mother was giving birth to him, doctors used a pair of forceps on him to pull him out, severing a nerve in his cheek. This resulted in partial facial paralysis of the lower right side of his face, resulting in slurred speech
Jet Li
-Not shockingly, he's very hesitant to do interviews. Mostly because people might peg him as a foreigner due to his English skills not being so good. He's an amazing actor. He moves so fast and when he's not acting, he's doing good things for others with his The One Foundation, which helps in times of need
Paul Stanley
-KISS, guitar, vocals
-Besides being a good singer/guitar player, he's just a nice guy. After reading that book of his, Face the Music: A Life Exposed, you really know more about him. Like when he was born, he was born with a rare facial deformity called microtia, which results in underdevelopment of the ear. Depending on the level of severity, it can affect you just a little or a whole lot. In his case, it was grade III, meaning his right ear was nothing more than a fleshy lump, which also meant he was completely deaf on that side. Because of that, he developed a high temper as a child. He was bullied for his deformity and later on, in KISS, people pegged him as standoffish, hard to get to know, but maybe it's just because he's a private person. He's also an incredibly intelligent guy, IQ definitely up near or right at genius
Tommy Lee
-Drums, Motley Crue
-I love his laid back, surfer-type personality. He seems to be THE ONLY ONE in Motley Crue who doesn't have an ego and think that he's God's gift to metal
Phil Collen
-Def Leppard, guitar
-He's handsome, smart, a good singer, a nice guy, what more could one person ask for? He's also a loving dad to his son Rory, daughter Savannah and his other kids. He managed to beat alcoholism and turn his life around. He currently is in great shape. Just Google pics of Phil Collen and you're going to see an endless supply of half naked pics showing off his ripped abs. But the reasons listed above are why I like him. He's a good guitarist, a smart guy, a good singer, an all around good musician
Duff McKagan
-Guns N'Roses/Velvet Revolver/Loaded, guitar, vocals
-Despite having problems with alcoholism, he wised up and got himself clean. Normally, I don't care about what happens to people who do drugs or alcohol. But, if they have the smarts to stop while there's still time and get themselves clean, they deserve a second chance. Plus, Duff is the kind of guy who never seems to speak bad about others, hardly any ego at all. I like rockstars without egos!
Tommy Flanagan
-He has a handsome Scottish accent. You never hear anything bad about him. He seems to try and stay out of the spotlight as much as possible

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