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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mad Max (1979)

Here is the original Mad Max movie.
-In the not too distant future Australia, a patrolman named Max cruises the roads looking for revenge against the motorcycle gang that claimed the lives of his wife and son

My stepdad and sister think this guy looks like Rob Halford from Judas Priest

-Mel Gibson: Max
-Joanne Samuel: Jessie
-Hugh Keays-Byrne: Toecutter
-Steve Bisley: Goose
-Tim Burns: Johnny the Boy
-Roger Ward: Fifi
-Lisa Aldenhoven: Nurse
-Bertrand Cadart: Clunk
-Reg Evans: Stationmaster
-Howard Eynon: Diabando
-Paul Johnstone: Cundalini
-Steve Millichamp: Roop
-Geoff Parry: Bubba Zanetti
-Vincent Gil: Nightrider

Did You Know?
-When Goose gives the rider of the trike a "get-out-of-jail-free" card, it was an on-set joke. The limited budget forced the crew to use an actual motorcycle club (The Vigilantes). They rode to the set each day in costume, with their prop weapons ready. In case of being pulled over by the police, they were given special letters explaining the odd requirements and simply asking for the understanding and cooperation of local law enforcement
-Director George Miller raised money for this movie by working as an emergency room doctor
-The movie was shot in and around Melbourne, Australia
-Hugh Keays-Byrne, who plays the character Toecutter, also appears in the new Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, as Immortan Joe
-The character Nightrider can be heard repeating lyrics from the AC/DC song "Rocker" over the CB radio
-Due to the extremely tight budget, actual police cars that had been decommissioned were used. Steve Bisley, who plays Goose, was the only one wearing actual leathers while most everyone else wore vinyl costumes. The bikes used were donated by Kawasaki and most of the bikers kept the bikes after shooting

-Hugh Keays-Byrne (Toecutter), Tim Burns (Johnny the Boy), Reg Evans (the stationmaster) are all classic Shakesperean-trained stage actors

Johnny the Boy

-Max's car was a Ford Falcon XB sedan, originally a police car obtained from the Australian state of Victoria
-In the scene where Goose is about to be set ablaze, his eyes are red and puffy from being suspended in the truck for a long time
-Most of the extras in the movie were paid with beer
-James McCausland drew inspiration for the movie from the 1973 oil crisis and the effect it was having on Australian motorists
-Queen guitarist Brian May composed the music for the movie
-The movie had such a low budget that crew members often brought in their own cars
-Most of the bikers used in the film were actual Australian outlaw motorcycle clubs
-Mel Gibson got paid $10,000 for this job while studying acting at Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Arts. Steve Bisley, who plays Goose, was his roommate

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