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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bellevue, Ky

This is where I live. It feels like it's in the middle of scenic nowhere! If you want to go shopping, you have to leave Bellevue and go to Newport on the Levee, a sort of mini mall, or out to Florence where there is a big mall.

Here are some pics of my hometown.

Was Sacred Heart Church, but then became Divine Mercy Parish. The priest there is a guy fro Ireland named Damien Hils. He even has an accent too!!
View of the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, or to locals the Big Mac Bridge. This is a view of it from the Riverfront Park most of the locals call the Bellevue Beach Park
The old Marianne Theatre. They talk about reopening it, yeah, those plans are really in action, aren't they? Yeah right!!
Along Fairfield Avenue. Alot of little shops opened up not too long ago.
The local football team, the Bellevue Tigers, for the local high school, Bellevue High School. Graduated in 2008. It was nice, but the drama of teen relationships kind of ruined senior year!
Another good pic of the Bellevue Tigers, #25 is Alex Hegge, I graduated with his older brother Adam.
Virgil's Cafe, a gourmet restaurant that probably no one in Bellevue can afford except for the rich and wealthy living in the new condos!!
St. Anthony's Church, which they are now turning into condos! How sad is that? Turning a church into condos for profit!
The new Holiday Inn they opened behind Frisch's
The gate to Bellevue Beach Park
The high school I attended. Since our town is too small to have both a junior and high school, the 7th and 8th graders go here! And crap I hated them, they were so rude and acted like they knew everything when they didn't know Jack squat!
Cozy Corner Daycare
Our own little resident bed and breakfast
Right around the corner from my house. This Spanish-style hacienda is going for a good $200,000
Local watering hole called Miller's Fill Inn. This place from what I hear is a nice place. Every Thursday and Friday night they have live local bands play
The local chili parlor
The Medical Arts building
The local Vets bar
This is from Schneider's Sweet Shop. If you ever come to Bellevue, make it worth a trip to this place. They got the greatest candy and ice cream EVER, and also ice balls, basically like snow cones.
My sister also works here!! She has to work 6 days this week, poor her!

This is from the Newport Aquarium, which is in Newport, not suprisingly!
The local liquor emporium!
This was my aunt's old apartment building

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