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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mulan, My Favorite Disney movie

Mulan has got to be one of my biggest favorite Disney movies, has been since I was a little kid. When I was younger, my dad claimed we, as in me and my sis, made him watch it too much, but I don't happen to remember that. But sometimes he fails to realize we watch movies he likes 100 million times!!


When she went undercover in the Chinese military camp
Her dressed up to meet the Matchmaker
When she cuts her hair to go undercover
This proves Mulan can be a princess!!!!!
After the soldiers find out she is a woman, they leave her behind

 Her and her father in the garden near their house
 Her and Capt. Li Shang
 Her and the Emperor
Her and her father again

Capt Li Shang, the strict military commander Mulan runs into when she enters the Chinese Army

After he finds his father's battle armor, he finds out his father has been killed in battle

Shang congratulating Mulan on saving China from the Huns

Mulan's first encounter with an angry Shang

Throughout the entire scene showing her undergoing military training, she seems to mess things up...

Shang returning her helmet to her at her house.

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