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Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Review- Austin Powers 2

Austin Powers and the Spy Who Shagged Me

Basically the title comes from a play off the title of one of the other James Bond movies, the Spy Who Loved Me, and contains parts of Diamonds Are Forever(laser gun plot and cloning), Moonraker(outer space trips), You Only Live Twice(secret volcano base), the Man with the Golden Gun(Mini Me based on the character of Nick Nack), On Her Majesty's Secret Service(opening sequence when Vanessa dies)

Basically what this movie is about is while he is in cryogenic freezing, someone breaks in and steals Austin Powers'  "mojo", the force that makes women just crawl all over him. Mike Myers plays multiple roles, as Dr. Evil and as another character called Fat Bastard. And in this movie, the character Dr. Evil has a clone of himself that is 1/8 the size of him called Mini Me, played by Verne Troyer. Dr. Evil has designed a time machine that he uses so he can go back to 1969 and steal Powers' mojo.

But meanwhile the real Austin is in 1999 enjoying his honeymoon with Vanessa Kensington. And when Austin Powers has to go back to 1969, he gets his own time travel machine, in the form of a Volkwagen Beetle, that has been totally 60s-ified, with 1960s psychadelic colors. If you see this movie and see the car, I will get a VW Bug and design it like that, lol!! That would be my car!!!! When he arrives back in London 1969, he arrives at a party at his apartment with a CIA agent named Felicity Shagwell(Heather Graham). When Austin is told there is an assassination attempt on him, both the spy and the agent escape and chase after a character called Mustafa(Will Ferrell) and he tells them that Dr. Evil has set up an island volcano hideout. 

Basically the movie ends with Dr. Evil escaping, and Austin and Felicity going thru the time machine back to 1999. This movie is pretty funny. All 3 of these movies basically poke fun at the James Bond movies, but never offensively. I love them, they're hilarious!!!!

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