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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Favorite Rock musicians

Most of the music I listen to is rock music, so this blog post will feature pics of some of my fave rock musicians. Not the Stones believe me. I mean people like Foreigner, Journey, etc. And also just singers, maybe not rock, but other genres as well.

Kelly Hansen-Foreigner. His voice makes me melt..........

Arnel Pineda-Journey. Good singer, very cute!!

Paul Stanley-KISS. Major hottie!
In makeup for KISS, his nickname is Star Child

Stevie Van Zandt-E Street Band. Sexy hottie!!!!
Him young, man what a hottie!!!!!!!!!
As Silvio Dante on The Sopranos

Bruce Springsteen- E Street Band. His music rocks!!

Bono-U2. OMG!!!!!!!!!! What a hottie!!!!!!!!
OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, black leather!!! Soooooooo sexy on him!! He makes leather look good!!!

Joe Perry-Aerosmith. SEXY!!!!
What a hottie!!! The one in the middle is soooooo sexy!!!

Steven Tyler-Aerosmith. SEXY!!!!!!!!!
I wonder why people say that Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger look alike???

Phil Collins-Genesis. Love his music, totally rocks!! Not suprisingly, my stepdad got me hooked on his music, especially listening to Genesis alot, he listens to them as much as I do The Rolling Stones, and that's ALOT!

Jon Bon Jovi. OMG!! What a hottie!!!!!!!!!

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  1. U2 and Bruce Springsteen are 2 of my favorite musicians. :)