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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Favorite Men of the.....

George Harrison, former Beatle

Mick Jagger, current Rolling Stones front man

John Lennon, former Beatle

Paul McCartney, former Beatle

Andy Warhol, one of my favorite artists, as well as my inspiration for art

Steven Tyler, former Aerosmith front man

Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarist

Robert De Niro, one of my favorite actors

Al Pacino, Italian New York-born actor

Sylvester Stallone, started acting in the 1970s

Sylvester Stallone, one of my favorite actors

David Bowie, he's pretty cool, his music is a little odd, but he's A ok in my book
He's very handsome in this picture. As long as he doesn't go Ziggy Stardust again, that was kind of creepy.

Jet Li, one of my favorite Chinese born actors

Jackie Chan, been my favorite since the movie Rush Hour

Enrique Iglesias, my favorite Latin singer

Richard Hammond, one of the hosts of BBC's Top Gear

Jim Sturgess, played Jude in Across the Universe

Daniel Radcliffe, plays Harry Potter

Jet Li, very attractive and one of my favorite actors

Chow Yun-fat, one of my other favorite Chinese born actors

Hugh Jackman, my favorite lil Aussie actor
B.D. Wong, my favorite on Law and Order:SVU

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  1. Woww you have not only the Beatles on your list but Richard Hammond too. Never thought that anyone else would share these likes with me!?!?!?! I completely agree, I believe I should have beeen born in the 60s, I'm glad I'm not alone