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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Gear UK

Sorry to sound predictable, but I really like this show. I guess hanging around with my step dad is beginning to take a serious toll on me, huh??

Personally, I like the one with brown hair, Hammond. He's my favorite!! He is sooooo cute!!

There have been multiple versions of this show made, including one made in 1977, another one made in 2002 with different hosts, one from Australia and one from the US.

Top Gear UK is the ONLY one I will watch, no other!!!!
This show is currently hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. And also features a  stunt driver named The Stig, which have been played by at least 3 different people. Most of the time you can find this show on BBC or if u live in the US, like me, BBC America.

This show usually features Jeremy Clarkson or one of the other hosts doing a race in a car against other forms of transportation. And it also involves Hammond and May taking another form of transportation, such as car, train or ferry.

These can vary to anything, from being roadies for the Who, to taking cars and trying to make custom build limousines, or playing soccer with Mini Coopers and a oversized inflatable ball, or trying to find the perfect car for a 17 year old or trying to make a homemade RV and go on a trip with it. They usually have a set budget they have to work with, and it's usually pretty funny to watch them do the tasks given to them to help them accomplish the goal.

Every year around the holidays, they undertake a goal and challenge themed after the holidays. In 2010, they were flown to Iraq to try and re-enact the exact path that the 3 Wise Men took to find baby Jesus.

Starts in Reasonably Priced Cars
On almost every episode, they manage to get one famous person or another to do what they call the Celebrity Speed Lap and after they finish, they tell the person their time and put it on a list of who's fast and who's not. For the first seven series, a Suzuki Liana was used for the Celebrity Speed Lap. And here's a lineup of who's fast and not. I won't list all, way too many, but here's a few:

  • 1:46.7- Ellen MacArthur
  • 1:47.1- Simon Cowell
  • 1:48.8- Stephen Ladyman
  • 1:49.7- Roger Daltrey
  • 1:50.0- Jeremy Clarkson(with passengers)
    • Gordon Ramsay and Patrick Stewart had 1:50.0
  • 1:54.0- Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine as passenger
    • David Soul- 1:54.0
Starting with the 8th series, they started using a Chevrolet Lacetti. And they made a new blank scoreboard for this car. Here's the lineup for this one, there are also too many, so I'll just list a few here and there:
  • 1:45.83- Jay Kay
  • 1:45.9- Brian Johnson
    • Simon Cowell
  • 1:46.1- Jennifer Saunders
  • 1:47.1- Peter Firth
  • 1:47.7- Jamie Oliver(melted snow and standing water)
    • Hugh Grant
  • 1:48.0- Ewan McGregor
  • 1:48.3- Billie Piper
  • 1:48.5- Simon Pegg
  • 1:48.8- David Tennant
  • 1:49.6- Ronnie Wood
  • 1:49.8- Sienna Miller
  • 1:50.3- Michael Gambon
  • 1:50.9- Steve Coogan
  • 1:51.4- Ray Winstone
  • 1:52.8- Dame Helen Mirren
On the last episode of the 14th season, they announced they would be getting a new car, and they did. A Kia Cee'd. Here's the lineup for this car:
  • 1:42.2- Rowan Atkinson
  • 1:45.2- Cameron Diaz
  • 1:44.5- Nick Frost
  • 1:45.5- Rupert Grint
  • 1:46.1- Andy Garcia
  • 1:49.0- Jeff Goldblum
  • 1:49.9- Peta Todd
  • 1:56.3- Alice Cooper

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