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Monday, August 1, 2011

W is for Whitesnake

Whitesnake is a British rock band that formed in 1978, founded by David Coverdale, after he left Deep Purple. Alot of their early stuff has been compared in many ways to Deep Purple, but by the mid 1980s, they moved into more heavy metal music. Even though this band has been considered to be an all British band, everyone in the band with the exception of Coverdale himself is American.

The current members of Whitesnake consist of: David Coverdale(lead singer) and the only original member, Doug Alrich(guitars, backing vocals), Reb Beach(guitars), Brian Tichy(drums), Michael Devin(bass), Bryan Ruedy(keyboards)

Alot of their early stuff had been blues-rock and easy stuff, but then by the mid 1980s, they had moved into more heavy metal. In March 2008, Whitesnake played at the Rock2Wgtn with KISS, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison, Lordi, which basically was a big concert. And in the summer of 2008, they headlined a UK tour with Def Leppard, with southern rockers Black Stone Cherry opening the UK shows in June and the band Thunder opening the shows in July, and this was to promote their Good to Be Bad album, which was their 10th studio album.

David Coverdale
Doug Alrich
Reb Beach
Brian Tichy
Michael Devin
Bryan Ruedy

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