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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Full Monty (1997)

This movie is hilarious. In fact, when the movie debuted here in the US, they actually had to give brochures out to translate the British slang used in the movie. When I watched it for the first time, I didn't need no stinky brochure to tell me what the heck they were saying. As much British TV as me and my step dad watch, after a while, u learn!!

Basically what this movie is about is this group of English steel mill workers lose their jobs and decide to become male strippers like the Chippendales. At the end they go for 'the full monty', thus the title of the movie, and also meaning full nudity. Even though this movie is supposed to be funny, it also touches upon subjects some movies deem inappropriate, such as homosexuality, unemployment, father's rights, suicide, depression, impotence, working class life. This movie was filmed in Sheffield, England.

  • Robert Carlyle- Gaz
  • Mark Addy- Dave or David
  • William Snape- Nathan
  • Steve Huison- Lomper
  • Tom Wilkinson- Gerald
  • Paul Barber- Horse
  • Hugo Speer- Guy
  • Lesley Sharp- Jean
  • Emily Woof- Mandy
  • Deidre Costello- Linda
  • Paul Butterworth- Barry
  • Dave Hill- Alan
  • Bruce Jones- Reg
  • Andrew Livingston- Terry
  • Vinny Dhillon- Sharon

Things You May Not Have Known

- The title of the movie comes from British slang meaning the whole thing. US studio execs found it confusing because there was no one in the movie named Monty
- The main 6 in the movie did actually perform a full frontal striptease in front of 400 extras
- The scene with the character Horse inside the telephone booth was shot 3 times: once with an old woman outside listening to the conversation, the next time with a group of girls on a night out and the 3rd time with no one listening
- Alot of the American movie theatres that played this movie had to hand out special leaflets translating the British slang used in the movie so that everyone would understand
- First movie for actress Emily Woof
- Actor Rik Mayall was considered for the role of Gaz
- Nicholas Lyndhurst was the first choice for the role of Gaz, but he turned it down, saying "That would have been too cold at that time of the year to take your clothes off."

Pictures from the movie

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