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Monday, August 29, 2011

Different Kinds of Men

I was very inspired by another blogger's post to do something like this. If the person who did a post like this thinks that I'm stealing your idea. I'm not. Believe me. Over the years I've been around, I've noticed that there are different kinds of guys and men out there. Most of this stuff comes from simple observation, high school does teach you ALOT!! Here are some:

The Gentleman
-This one is definitely one to hold on to. He'll be by your side through thick and thin, he'll forever love you. He probably won't care about sex. Romantic to the max is he. He'll bring flowers to you and he'll be the sunshine on your cloudy day

The Bad Boy
-He might be a party boy. He'll do things he knows is bad, but he probably knows it'll most likely turn you on. He's romantic when he wants to be. He does things his own way, and if you don't like it, it may be his way or the highway. Definitely one to have a good time. And you can trust that he'll be by your side, and that he would most likely be a faithful husband and father and never do anything to hurt you.

The Shy and Sweet
-Sex may not matter to this kind of person. He'll be shy, and he'll definitely show, but you know that deep down in your heart he loves you. He'll resort to small romantic gestures, like flowers or candies, or simple nice compliments. Hold on to this one, definitely worthwhile. Very faithful as well.

The Buddy
-The one who can be your friend through thick and thin. You never know, this kind of relationship may blossom into love. This one you can probably talk to about anything and he'll be right there to listen, compassionate and sincere. He might even be a rock star on the side, but doesn't let fame get to him. He stays true to his roots and might be a good family man. And he doesn't care how he looks. As long as he thinks he looks good, then he looks good. He has his own fashion sense. Marriage may not be him but he can be your partner and still love you like marriage

The Full Blown Romantic
-A regular Casanova. Romantic guys are good, very sweet, but some have other things on the brain, like matters of the bed. That's not to say that all guys who have a romantic nature want to go to bed, a small number of guys like that. Romantic guys are really sweet, and definitely know how to evoke that romantic nature. Sometimes, some guys with romantic natures may also be what some call a womanizer, meaning they may be married and may also be seeing other women. (i.e. Mick Jagger)

The Jock
-The sports nut. This one will be nice and he'll probably know the schedule for every sport known to man, when it starts, when it comes on TV, the teams or more. If you like sports, then a sports loving guy is for you. And for all you know, this one may even be a sports figure.

The Artist
-Laid back, calm, nice. Men or guys who do art usually have a calm nature to them and probably are most happy when in their studio, painting or making art in some way. And you can trust they'll never be violent, or hurt you. They will do romantic gestures, like any guy, and some may even be art related, such as painting something for you, or painting you in a portrait and loving you every second you're with them.

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