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Thursday, August 4, 2011

K is for Keith Urban
Keith Lionel Urban was born on October 26, 1967 in  Whangarei, New Zealand, but was raised in Australia. He's a country singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has mainly had fame here in the US and in Australia. He was born in New Zealand, but raised in Australia. That explains the accent if you hear him talk. He cna play multiple instruments, such as the guitar, both electric and acoustic, banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, sitar, bouzouki, and drums.

  • Keith Urban-1991
  • Keith Urban in the Ranch- 1997
  • Keith Urban- 1999
  • Golden Road- 2002
  • Be Here- 2004
  • Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy Thing- 2006
  • Defying Gravity- 2009
  • Get Closer- 2010
In January 2005, he met Nicole Kidman, at an event called G'Day L.A., an event honoring Australians. They later married on June 25, 2006 at the Cardinal Ceretti Memorial Chapel in Syndey.
On Oct. 1, 2007, Urban skidded off a motorbike he was riding when trying to escape a paparazzo following him to his house in Syndey. He wasn't hurt. On July 7, 2008, Kidman gave birth to their first child, a girl they named Sunday Rose, and on Dec. 28, 2010, they had yet another child, another girl, they named Faith.

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