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Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Review- Austin Powers III

Austin Powers Goldmember

In this movie, it takes place in 2002. The character Dr. Evil has a hideout behind the famous Hollywood sign. He and his 'minions' will go back to 1975 to retrieve John Van der Smut, aka Goldmember, who has a way of making a tractor beam from cold fusion. Shortly after this, Austin Powers and British Intelligence arrest him. Austin is knighted for his effort and notices his father isn't there, the famous Nigel Powers, played by veteran English actor Michael Caine. So when he finds that his father has been kidnapped, he travels to 1975 for clues and is led to a roller disco club called Studio 69 where he finds Foxxy Cleopatra, played by R&B musician Beyonce. Her character is an FBI agent undercover in the club. This movie is pretty funny too, mainly because it takes place in 1975, which is different than the 1969 Swinging London scene from the 1st 2 movies, and you get to see Michael Caine be funny, hard to picture this one!!

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  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE :) So awesome.