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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is one of my biggest favorite scary movies! Although when I was younger, and watched it, it scared the hell out of me, no pun intended!
-Made in 1987
-It's an American and British horror movie.
-This movie explores the world of sadomasochism or S&M, morality under stress and fear.
-Was #19 on the Bravo channel's 100 Scariest Movie Moments

-Somewhere in Morocco,  Frank Cotton(Sean Chapman) buys an antique puzzle box from a dealer. Back in the attic of his home in London, Frank solves the puzzle box, prompting hooked chains to emerge from it and tear him to bloody bits. Monsters, called Cenobites, suddenly appear and inspect the remains, arranging the pieces together of Frank's face. Their leader, Pinhead(Doug Bradley) picks up the box and twists it back to it's original position, taking with them the remains of Frank back to their realm

-Sometime later, Frank's brother Larry(Andrew Robinson) arrives at the house along with his 2nd wife Julia(Claire Higgins) who previously had an affair with Frank. The couple know Frank as a devoted hedonist and petty criminal, and assuming he is in jail, decide to move in. Larry's teen daughter, Kirsty Cotton(Ashley Laurence) chooses not to live with her stepmother and moves into her own place. While moving into the attic, Larry cuts his hand on a nail and drips blood onto the floor. The blood somehow reaches Frank in his prison in the Cenobite realm and it partially restores him, allowing him to escape to the attic.
L-R: Butterball, Pinhead, female Cenobite, Chatterer

-That night, Julia finds Frank(now played by Oliver Smith) in the attic; still obsessed with him after their affair. She agrees to get blood for him to fully restore himself so they can run away together. The next day, Julia begins picking up men in bars and bringing them back to the house, where she murders them with a hammer to the head. Frank consumes their blood and internal organs, regenerating his own body. Once strong enough, Frank explains to Julia that he had exhausted all his sensory experiences and sought out the puzzle box on the promise it would open a portal to a realm of new carnal pleasures. Instead he opened a portal to the realm of the Cenobites, who have taken Frank prisoner and subjected him to extreme, sadomasochistic torture.

-Meanwhile, Kirsty sees Julia bringing men into the house and thinking she is having another affair, follows her to the attic one afternoon where she interrupts a murder. Frank attacks her, but panics when Kirsty grabs the puzzle box. She throws it out the window, proving enough of a distraction for her to escape. Outside, she gets the box and runs away, but collapses from exhaustion shortly after. After being taken to the hospital, she solves the puzzle box, summoning the Cenobites. Pinhead explains that while the Ceonbites have been perceived as Angels and Demons, they are simply explorers of carnal experience, practicing a form of S&M so extreme that it pushes the boundary between pleasure and pain. Although they initially attempt to force her to return with it to their realm, Pinhead becomes angry at the idea that one of his "subjects" has escaped and agrees to free Kirsty in exchange for taking them to Frank
-She returns home, where Larry tells her that he has confronted and killed Frank. Larry shows her a bloodied corpse in the attic, but his language and manner lead her to believe that Frank has killed her father and is now wearing his skin like a suit. Frank chases Kirsty through the house with a knife, accidentally killing Julia in the process. He finally corners Kirsty in the attic, where he brags about killing his brother. The confession summons the Cenobites, who trap him with chains and in the words of Pinhead "will tear your soul apart". They attempt to back out on their deal and take Kirsty to their realm. Kirsty's boyfriend Steve arrives and looks for her. She defeats the cenobites by reversing the motions needed to open the box and it sends them back to their realm. She and her boyfriend leave the house together.

-Later on, she tries to burn the box in a garbage dump. A vagrant enters the flames and gets the box before turning into a winged creature and flies away. The film ends with the box back in the hands of the merchant who sold it initially, asking another prospective buyer "What's your pleasure, sir?"

Did You Know?
-It took 6 hours to get the prosthetic Pinhead makeup on Doug Bradley
-The character Pinhead was not supposed to have a grid on his head, but makeup artists used it to distribute the pins evenly and Clive Barker loved it, so it was left in
-In the scene where Frank is being spun around upside down covered in blood was a camera test for the film. Afterwards, Sean Chapman(Frank) could not stop throwing up


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