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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dracula 2000

-Matthew Van Helsing(Christopher Plummer), the alleged descendant of the famed 19th century Dutch medical doctor Abraham Van Helsing, owns an antique shop in 21st Century London. One night with Van Helsing upstairs, his secretary Solina(Jennifer Esposito) allows a group of thieves, led by her boyfriend Marcus(Omar Epps) into the shop. The thieves infiltrate the shop's high security underground vault and find a pure silver coffin protected by a severely high security system. Based on the level of security, she thinks there must be something valuable inside. They escape with it to New Orleans, Louisiana. When Van Helsing discovers it missing, he boards a plane to America, telling his apprentice Simon Sheppard(Jonny Lee Miller), to remain in London. He does not listen as he travels to Louisiana as well.
-Aboard the plane of the thieves manages to break into the coffin, revealing the dormant body of  Count Dracula(Gerard Butler). Dracula awakens and attacks the thieves, causing the plane to crash into the swamp. Dracula survives and travels to New Orleans, in time for Mardi Gras. That's where college students Mary Heller(Justine Waddell) and Lucy Westerman(Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick) are living. Mary is estranged from her family and has been plagued by dreams of a strange, terrifying man
OMG! What a hot bod!!

-Van Helsing and Simon arrive in New Orleans and destroy the newly turned vampires left in Dracula's wake. After the fight, Van Helsing reveals to Simon that he is in fact the original Abraham Van Helsing who defeated Dracula in 1897. Because he was unable to destroy Dracula permanently, Van Helsing hid Dracula's body and prolonged his own life with regular injections of his blood until one day, he could discover a way to kill him permanently. Simon is fascinated by Dracula's hatred of all things Christian, and wonders why Dracula is particularly vulnerable to silver.
Sexy vampire!

-Van Helsing also tells Simon about his daughter Mary, who was taken from England by her mother after the truth about his identity came up. Since Mary was conceived after Van Helsing began the injections, she shares blood and a telepathic link to Dracula. Van Helsing knows that Dracula shares Mary's existence and is in New Orleans to find her.
He's the first hot guy to ever play Dracula!
-Van Helsing and Simon try and find Mary before Dracula does, but fail to do so before Dracula  turns Lucy into a vampire. Dracula and his 3 new brides Solina, Lucy and Valerie, corner Van Helsing and kill him. Simon and Mary escape, only to be captured by Dracula shortly

-Dracula takes Mary to a rooftop where he reveals his secret; he is none other than Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. But as he went to hang himself, the rope snapped and the punishment was to live for 2000 years as a vampire. The 3 brides appear with Simon and Dracula tells Mary to bite him. She fakes it and together Mary and Simon kill all 3 brides. Angered, Dracula tried to throw her from the rooftop. Mary wraps some cable around his neck and they both fall, this time the rope does not break. And when the sun comes up, he burns to death in the sunlight. Most people think this puts a creative new spin on the story of Dracula.

Did You Know?
-In the scene where Lucy(Colleen Fitzpatrick, aka singer Vitamin C) is talking to Mary in the record store, she is standing in front of a shelf with her CD on it.
-It took 6 months to make the movie
-Gerard Butler was given a break from playing Attila so he could star in Dracula 2000
I'll be his bride ANYtime.....


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