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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haunted Indiana and Other States


-Slab Town: this was once an insane asylum. Students would volunteer there often. It was open in the 1900s. Early one morning, the students came in and they were beaten and raped. After the attack, their cars were set on fire, and the house was set on fire, killing everyone. The building does not stand to this day, but the old burnt cars remain.


Cedar Rapids
-Wildwood Apartments: a convicted child molester lived here and one of the victim's parents brutally attacked the man. It happened about 20 years ago and his body was found 3 days later. Late at night, you can hear the cries of his victims.

Fort Riley
-Moon Lake: there is a spot around the lake called The Chief's Circle. If you camp anywhere near there, you will start seeing what looks like fireflies in sets of 2 low to the ground. If you're awake, you will be chased awy from the circle. If you're not awake, you'll be woken with loud yells and whoops. Legend has it that the lights are the eyes of the Indians protecting the circle.
-Haskell Indian Nations University: dates back to the 1800s, where Indians were trying to be assimilated into mainstream America. The US government was trying to control the Indian population and is known for it's paranormal activity. Native American children were taken from the reservations and sent to schools like this to teach them to be Americans, teaching kids to forget their heritage and basically de-Indianize them. There were numerous reports about kids being beaten and abused for speaking in their native language or acting out of what the government considered good conduct. The forensic lab at University of Kansas found numerous children buried throughout Haskell

-Witch Hill: there is a tree in the middle of the road in Wilder where 3 witches were hung to death. There is a curse on whoever tries to cut it down. If you go there at night, and take pictures, even on a clear night, there might be white splotches on the image
-Hwy 557: off Hwy 30 is Hwy 557, and late at night when there is a full moon, you can see a glowing headstone from the road. When you go to the graveyard, it disappears

-Small Boulevard: in the 5th house on the left, there is a picture of a young Irish woman. If you look at the picture, the eyes glow nonstop! If you look at the picture and move across the room, the eyes will follow you!

-Old Kentucky Home Middle School: during the Civil War, the school was used as a middle school. The morgue was in the basement. The floors and ceilings were said to have bled regularly. The art room in the basement was said to have smelled  like rotting flesh, and it was where the decomposing bodies were kept. And even though the walls are painted white, red bloodstains bled right back through
Bell County
-Hutch: there is a small area off the main highway calle Hutch. This small community harbors a spot called The Devil's Garden. One night, a small group of teens were partying there and after consuming too much alcohol, one kid slipped, fell and cracked his head open on a rock in the shallow end of the swimming hole. Obviously drunk, the kids tied a rock to him and decided to hide the kid's body underwater. The next day, they returned, only to find the police there, who had discovered the body. And over the next 15 years, each one of those kids disappeared mysteriouisly. and the last 2 confessed and were sentenced to 15 years in prison. And every full moon, the moonlights casts a disturbing skull like image over the water.

Bowling Green
-Greenwood Mall: in 1996, a man was found dead in his truck in the lot behind the mall. His cause of death is still a mystery. The vehicle was stolen and when people park in the spot where his truck was and leave it overnight, they say they see a man in the passenger seat who appears to either be dead or sleeping. When the security guards see it and call it in, the seat is empty.

Cave City
-Death Valley: this is a straight stretch of road that runs from Cave City to Glasgow. Nothing lines the road, at least nothing living. Several fatal car accidents have occurred here. Legend has it that this stretch of road was buried over an Indian burial ground and it is believed to be causing the wrecks. It seems like a lot of paranormal hot spots are related to desecration, destruction of Indian burial grounds

Fort Thomas
-Carmel Manor Nursing Home: a young woman was decapitated and murdered in the 1800s, the killer took her head and threw it in a well at what is now Bobby Mackey's Music World, which back then was a slaughterhouse. The spirit of the woman is said to haunt the place. Strange noises come from the 3rd floor of the assisted living care wing. Some of the staff and residents claim to see "Pearl", referring to Pearl Bryan, who was a southern Indiana socialite. WARNING: THIS PLACE IS HEAVILY PATROLLED BY FT THOMAS POLICE IN ADDITION TO CARMEL MANOR SECURITY!
-Shaker Village: it's said that the Shakers would throw unwanted children to their death in the lake nearby. Years later, when the pond was drained, dozens of children's skeletons were found. At night, you can ehar babies crying.
Lake Barkley
-Hawkins Cemetery: during the slave drive, a black man died. It's said that he's the only black man buried there and in the church in the back, he haunts there too, as well as a few miles around
-Waverly Manor/Waverly Hills: Old T.B. hospital/mental hospital. Includes crematory/body slide. Several cold spots are felt in addition to the ghost of a young girl being spotted on several floors. There's also a little boy with dark hair and old fashioned clothing by the main entrance. Use caution. If you approach him, he'll want to go home with you. Local legend has it that there was a doctor here who performed illegla operations on the patients. The body chute here is also said to be haunted. It was used to transport all the bodies of the dead TB patients so that other patients would not see them. There are many strange noises/figures that can be seen/heard and there is an overall feeling of dread in this place.
-Hayswood Hospital: has been abandoned since the 1980s, ever since the unveiling of the Meadowview Regional Medical Center. Strange lights have been seen in the windows and neighbors to the hospital say they hear what sounds like baby cries. People who have ventured inside say they feel protected and safe in the pediatrics ward and say they see an old gurney that moves by itself, being followed by phantom doctors and nurses, overall feeling of being watched. Others say they see phantom doctors/nurses roaming the hals, cries of past patients. There have been reports of red glowing eyes, some sort of dog that chases you, reports of children playing in the waiting room, cold spots. In the basement and all over the building are strange markings that are said to be warnings, and anyone who passes the place gets a sick and threatening hostility kind fo feeling. It's said to haunt the entire town. WARNING: YOU WILL BE ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING IF YOU ARE CAUGHT COMING OUT OF THE HOSPITAL BY MAYSVILLE POLICE.
-Soules Chapel: overall sense of evil. Mist has been seen rising from some of the graves, voices have been heard, orbs seen floating in and around the church, cemetery, and surrounding woods nearby.

-Bobby Mackey's Music World: believed to be haunted by Pearl Bryan, a southern Indiana socialite murdered by her dentist boyfriend Scott Jackson, who was a Satanist, and his friend Alonzo Walling who cut off her head with dental implements and threw her head into the well in the basement when it was still a slaughterhouse.

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