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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haunted Georgia and Other States


-Turner Field Naval Hospital: this was once upon a time a mental hospital. People believe it's haunted by the spirits of the patients who were tortured to death in the basement. When you walk in, you are overcome by the pungent smell of blood and you can see spirits roaming around. There is a tunnel in the basement, but no one can get to the end. It's located near Kramardie Road.
-Holiday Dorsey/Fife House: legendary outlaw Doc Holliday, who died of tuberculosis, haunts this place. His spirit can usually be seen in the window in the top left section of the house
-The Hanging Tree: this place has a notorious history as the site of many lynchings. It's abandoned at night, except if you're very curious. There are reports about bodies being seen hanging from the tree, and if you apporach the bodies, they look at you, along with a herd of crows who keep their beady eyes on trespassers.

Robins Air Force Base
-Aircraft Hangar: in March 2001, an aircraft crashed about 40 miles from the base. The bodies and parts of the plane were stored in another part of the base. Since then, strange noises, cold spots, machines going on/off suddenly have occurred. WARNING: THIS AREA IS HIGHLY PATROLLED BY MILITARY POLICE! IF YOU ARE CAUGHT, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED BY A FEDERAL COURT!
White County
-Pig Valley Cemetery: people who visit this palce say they hear whispers, voices, footsteps, unexplained movements. Also experienced here are bouts of fear and terror. This area was heavily known for Satanic rituals.


-Hanahuma Bay/Kokohead: at the top of the hill is a road that leads down to Hanahuma Bay. There have been reports of 'fireballs' that follow people. It's said that if you are driving past this to get back to town, the fireballs will float in the sky and shoot in the direction you're driving.
-Kamehameha Schools: on nights when the moon is full, you can hear marching sounds, from the Night Marchers. They knock on doors, and you can hear the beating of drums. In the morning, all the computers will be on, and papers everywhere. It's said that Princess Pauahi controls these spirits
-Kamehameha Boys Dorm: it's said that in one of the boys dorms is a Hawaiian lady dressed in clothing from the 1800s. It's also known that there is a picture of her in the dorm, it's believed to be Princess Pauahi Bishop- the young woman behind the construction of the Kamehameha schools. In the girls dorm however, in the stairwell is the ghost of a girl who died from an asthma attack and she can be heard wheezing/gasping for air.
-Nu'Uanu: this is a condo complex across from the O'ahu Cemetery. It's said that the ghost of an elderly Chinese woman haunts this place, one specific apartment.


-Old Town site and desert: late spring, early summer and fall, in the desert you can hear whistling, singing, in what sounds like Russian. It's very quiet here and watch out for snakes! This town was a stop for Russian-Germans traveling during the turn of last century.


-Bartonville Insane Asylum/State Hospital: patients were given cruel treatment, like shock therapy, water submersion, and any other inhuman treatment. It's been closed for many years, and people say they see spirits and hear strange noises.
-Biograph Theatre: the ghost of John Dillinger is seen lurking around here, especially in the alley behind the theatre where he was killed
-Maryville Center for Medically Complex Children: this was once an institution for drug addicted, handicapped, insane and foster children. It was shut down for reasons unknown. The suspcious reason was thought to be asbestos. People say they see figures in white robes walking around and hear laughter from phantom children
-SMC Cartage Company: site of the famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Al Capone sent some of his men to deliver a message to Bugs Moran. 7 men were lined up against a wall and mowed down with Tommy Gun fire. The walls were splattered with bullet holes and blood and bone. To this day, gunfire and screams can still be heard, and 7 shadowy figures can be seen standing against the wall and the viewer of this would be filled with fear.
-Elgin State Hospital: this place was open in the 1950s, it was a place for curing mental illnesses. Electroshock therapy and cold therapy were some of the ghastly methods used here, and the bodies of the patients were incinerated in the basement. Reports of cold spots, fog, hearing screams and seeing shadows, strange lights, bloodstained walls, smell of decay in the basement.
Rock Island
-The Villa: legend has it that this place was a Catholic school for girls, and the priests here would rape the nuns. And if they became pregnant, they would physically rip the unborn fetus out and bury them in the walls. At night, you can hear the cries of the babies and sounds of their little fists banging on the walls. Toilets flush for unexplained reasons, footsteps are heard, women's screams are heard.
Willow Springs
-Cavellone's: former hangout of Al Capone. It's said that the spirits of his gang members and the prostitutes who frequented here are still here. It's currently a pizzeria/bar. Chills are felt, in addition to the supernatural forces, apparitions are also seen.

-Ryder's Woods: it's said a man in black would take children to these woods, rape them and murder them and throw their bodies into the pond here. He went nuts and committed suicide. At night, you see alot of activity by the pond. Steam rises and you can see orbs, hear children laughing and may even get a glimpse of the man in black.

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