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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Haunted Asia


Hong Kong
-Tuen Mun road: since 1978, many crashes here. People claim it's ghosts because they pop in/out of existence
-Yun Shun Fan Dian: this hotel is haunted by a man in Western clothing and a lady in ancient Chinese empress dress who hangs around the end of the 8th floor corridor.

-Buma Inn: the ghost that haunts here is a guest who was poisoned by the chef who then killed himself. The ghost is of the poisoned guest.


-Tao Dan Public Park: 10 years ago, a couple were in the park when they were attacked. He was killed, but she was raped many times. People say they see him looking for her.
-BaDinh Place: Ho Chi Minh appears in a bloody body

Yokosuka Naval Base
-Gridley Tunnel: narrow, 1 way tunnel running frmo Gridley Lane to Nimitz Blvd. Numerous reports about a man dressed in ancient Japanese Samurai armor. Reports are all the same; people driving through will see this man in their rearview mirror who was not there a minute ago.  He is mostly seen between midnight-1:00am on rainy, stormy nights. Legend has it that he was a Samurai warrior on his way to avenge his lord when he was ambushed and killed in the tunnel. He can't leave because he did not accomplish his goal.
-Ikego/Middle gate: long ago, this was once a WWII concentration camp. Thousands of Chinese and Korean people were sentenced here, put to work and killed by the Japanese Army. It's a US military housing unit now. There are 5 incinerators here that are separated by 3 gates to keep it separate from the Japanese community. At the middle gate, unexplained voices, footsteps, feelings of being watched, and even a report about a Japanese soldier in WWII-era uniform with no legs between the middle and back gate

-Camp Hansen/Gate 3: every weekend at night a soldier dressed in WWII uniform with bloody fatigues approaches the guard with cigarette in hand asking for a light. Once it's lit, he disappears!
-USAF Storage Area: reports of white mists, apparitions, cold spots, lights going haywire, radios/TVs coming on, feeling of hair being stroked, feelings of being dragged from bed with scratches on you.

-Voices of the dead pleading for help, screaming, crying, around twilight. And they are said to lurk in the shadows of the living.
-Atsugi Naval Air Facility/Corrosion Hangar Bay: on the other side of the base is a hangar that was once used by the Kamikaze pilots of Japan. After Imperial Japan surrendered, many pilots killed themselves under the assumption they had failed. At night, doors slam, floating red eyes seen, an Imperial Japanese soldier in WWII uniform seen

-Barracks 1687: a Marine living there a few years ago killed himself. In a drunken rage, the Devil Dog broke his mirror and he slit his wrists with the shattered remains. If you look in the mirror, he'll look right back late at night.


-One of the many battlegrounds during the Korean War, many soldiers from North/South Korea died horrible deaths. Sounds of gunfire, screaming in agony, strong swearing, explosions can be heard.

-Seoul University: legend has it the souls of the living dead either help/torment the students living in the dorms, depending on their behavior. Some people may smell the sweet scent of perfume while others may smell the strong, pungent, nauseating smell of blood. Rumor has it that these creatures want to help and love humans, or hate them, sometimes maiming/killing them


-St. Michael's Institution: founded in 1912 by Catholic missionaries who arrived and began building a school next to the Kinta River. They built it with a unique French architectural design. And when WWII started, this schoo was used by the Japanese secret police as their headquarters. There were lots of torure here, and lots of tunnels underground, but they were sealed off, but they were used to store food and torture prisoners. Most of the sightings occur in the 4th floor chapel. A Brother dressed in black robes is seen holding prayer beads and facing the door to the brother's living quarters, and he is seen headless.

Kuala Kangsar
-Malay College Kuala Kangsar: legend has it that this place was a former Japanese occupation camp in WWII. Students often are woken up by something staring at them, and in the field nearby, the sounds of marching platoons are heard, along with the sounds of chains rattling and a tree with a lamppost near it has the shadow of a man hanging from it.

Kuala Lumpur
-Genting Highlands Casino Resort: very famous hilltop resort and casino. Many people developed gambling debts here and have committed suicide. Some people leaving the lobby say they see a man in a red suit jump from the roof, just to disappear before he hits. Certain rooms are unavailable for rent no matter how full the hotel is. They say it was full of old Chinese wards
-Victoria Institute: during the Japanese occupation, this was an all boys school. Many British soldiers and locals were tortured to death in the basement. There have been reports about spirits being seen in the day and night and even spirits possessing the bous. The ones possessed would behave strangely, even violently, hurting staff and other students, only to snap out of it a few hours later and not remember anything, even when forcibly restrained and the bruises would disappear.


Baguio City
-Philippine Miltary Academy: late at night, a platoon can be heard marching on the parade grounds. A ghostly cadet in dress whites can be seen, along with a priest who was beheaded during the Japanese occupation and a woman in white.

Iloilo City
-Central Philippine University: founded by American missionaries during WWII, these missionaries were executed by the Japanese

-Rizal Park: near Rizal Park are the angry spirits of dead Japanese soldiers in ruins of an old building outside the park. When the building was blasted, it killed many Japanese soldiers and there are cold spots, and strong menacing feelings
-Ozone Disco: one night a really bad fire happened and it happened during a typical night at the discotheque, a lot of people were pushing and shoving to get out, but no one escaped. At night, some people can ehar disco music and see faint figures dancing.

-San Jose Village: legend has it that a large, overgrown black bird with very powerful wings can be heard circling the village whenever there is a pregnant woman present. Sometimes its wings are so powerful it'll feel windy but only where you stand


Changi Road
-Old Changi Hospital: very creepy in the middle of the night. Reports about seeing Japanese and British soldiers marching away

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