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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Haunted South America and Canada


-The Dream Beach: people who live nearby say that in the middle of the night they are woken up by strange noises, as if someone was breathing har above their faces. On the beach there are rocks that people walk by. At night, people see a ghostly couple coming out of the sea. It's said that a honeymooning couple went to the beach and a big tidal wave swept them out to sea.


-Casa Matusita: named for the electronics/house wares store that was on 1st floor. A windowless house located diagonally across the street from the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in lima. It's said a man of Chinese descent lived there with his family until one day, he gambled all his money, went mad and killed his family.

-Calgary/Grace Hospital: here a woman has been seen cradling a baby in the delivery room. She bangs on pipes, opens windows, never much of a threat. But she did make it difficult for a woman in labor, she made the woman have a long and difficult labor that ended in a C-Section. The ghost was believed to be of a woman named Maudine Riley. She was giving birth to a child and died of childbirth in one of the rooms. The haunted delivery room is the EXACT room where she died. And legend has it that her child died with her and she fears for any woman giving birth in the room, because they might suffer the same fate as her. Across from the hospital is Riley Park, where there is a statue dedicated to her her.
Kaslo/Langham Cultural Center: built in 1896 and named after the Langham Hotel in London, England. During the 1940s, it was a housing unit for Japanese children living in Canada. A 10 year old girl died while living here. Lights go on/off, lights seen, footsteps heard, sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs

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