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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haunted Louisiana and Other States


-Site of Bonnie and Clyde's death: on nights with a full moon, you can hear the sounds of Tommy Gun fire
-Southdown Plantation: legend has it that the owner of the plantation used to rape and kill slaves. During the day and mostl at night, you can see the spirits of the slaves that were killed
New Orleans
-The Morgue Bar/Lounge: was once a mortuary during the massive Yellow Fever epidemic that swept Louisiana, taking 10,000 people from New Orleans with it. It was built in 1849, the most known haunting here is that of the mortician's daughter, who would steal from the dead. Still today, she 'borrows' from unsuspecting ladies in the women's room, which is exactly where the bodies were kept. The bar has a sense of humor as wel, it's trademark cocktail is called Embalming Fluid and it looks eerily like the real thing.


-Blood Town Forest: back in the 1970s, kids used to go camping out here. One night a girl and guy went camping and when the girl was setting up camp, the guy needed to get something from the car and when he got back, the girl's head was resting on the hood of the car. He ran to a nearby farmer's house to call the cops. When they arrived, they found the body of the guy next to her. Today, farmers chase kids out of the area and at the beginning, there is a rock that tells the entire story.


Fort Meade
-NTC DET DINFOS Navy Student Center: 3 years ago, legend has it that there were experiments being done on soldiers to turn them in to "super soldiers" with the use of drugs like LSD, Acid, mixed drugs, etc. The next day, the buildings were destroyed. There was a cold storage building where the bodies from different experiments(experiments with nerve gas, different agents, diseases) would be kept. To this day, loud noises are heard, banging noises, people walking around and people talking
-Rose Hill Cemetery: if you go all the way to the back of the cemetery and go to the crematorium,, shut your car off, you can hear screams and smell burning hair

-Crybaby Bridge: an old bridge from the 1800s. It was used by the KKK back then to drown black babies. At night, you can hear babies crying

-West End Boys and Girls Club: this was primarily a Jewish men's club to come and exercise. Ghosts of these older men still hang around with the teens. There are unexplained splashes and bubbles in the pool, showers turning on/off by themselves, locker doors opening by themselves.

-State School: this used to be a mental institution that had very cruel and unfair treatment of it's patients. 2 of the patients here fell in love, and back then it was considered morally wrong for 2 people with low intelligence to fall in love and marry, they were also kept away from each other, so they would sneak out at night and leave each other love letters and whisper to each other. At night, you can see them running between the dorms. One of the buildings has been converted into a teen skate park, and at night, it's said you can see the ghosts lingering between the buildings. Windows break, cold spots, doors slamming shut, hearing crying, and screaming and moaning near the men's sleeping quarters, the tunnel system under the buildings has lights going on/off by themselves even with no power, and the swing set nearby moves by itself. It gives you an overall sickening feeling.
-Charlesgate: started out as a hotel of ill repute, then became a dorm for Emerson College. Now, being sold as condos. This place is haunted by ghostly flappers, drug-addicted men, and an old man with a beard. In the basement, where the horses were kept, ghostly white horses are seen
-Chinese School: there is a ghost of an old woman in the basement floors. She's said to be a smiling, hunchbacked woman washing her hands in the downstairs bathroom. In total darkness she's seen, but when the lights go on, she's gone!
-Tai Tung Village/Mural: on certain nights, especially when all is calm and quiet, you can feel cold shivers when you look at the mural. If you stare at the right corner for a while, you see something emerging from the painting in the form of an old man or child.
North Andover
-Merrimack College/Ash Hall: there is a mysterious fire ghost who roams the halls. He wears a charred and blackened fireman's uniform and carries an axe. During the night, a fire alarm may sound, sending the kids out into the night. While outside, they may see him in the various windows while waiting for trucks to arrive. When they get the all clear and go back in, they find a scent like a burnt out, smoldering campfire, and they see traces of ash and soot on handrails and doorknobs, despite no flame being seen.

Luce County
Newberry/Angel Lake: once upon a time there was a slaughterhouse down by the lake. Before the slaughterhouse took over, it was a house of prostitution. When the ladies would become pregnant, they would force an abortion or miscarry and throw the fetuses into the lake. The reason for the name is because the area is haunted by the spirits of the dead babies.

Traverse City
-Traverse City State Hospital/The Hippie Tree: there is a rumor about a gate to hell being open near 'the hippie tree'. Strange feelings here. Trespassers are not allowed, as there is a security service here that will escort you off the premises if you are found here.

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