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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haunted Minnesota and Other States


-Shattuck/St. Mary's: this was an abandoned infirmary from 1861. It was originally a ski lodge. It housed sick and dying kids with all sorts of incurable diseases until 1912. There were also crazy Civil War vets and victims of horrible epidemics. Due to the high levels of asbestos in the buildings, they were closed, but people still to this day claim they see sickening looking people with boils, rashes, raw openings in the upper floors.

-Stucky's Bridge: during the 180s, there was a man named Stucky who would let travelers in the night stay at his house. While they slept, he would rob them and bury them in the ground along the riverbank. Late at night, you can hear splashed where the rope he used to hang him was cut and you can hear his body splashing into the water below. There is also a spot that glows, suggesting that is where his body is. And if lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of him hanging from the bridge or see something on the bridge.

-9 Mile Bridge: a long time ago, black women were hung here and black children were drowned here. If you shut off your car on the bridge, near the church or cemetery and start it up again, it makes funny noises. When you sit on the ledge of the bridge and take your shoes off and dangle your feet above the creek, you can feel a weird tickling on your feet. That's the slave children tickling your feet. You can see weird lights that look like sets of eyes that appear every now and then under the bridge, in the trees along the creek, and in the cemetery on the hill near the creek. If you go on an especially dark night, stop your car on the bridge, roll down the windows, you can hear what sounds like running water. You can also hear what sounds like footsteps in the weeds and leaves. When you return to your car, you might see handprints/footprints on your car.
Excelsior Springs
-Wolf Hollow: there is an old abandoned house along this road. When you approach it, you get shivers and chills. This is where the KKK(not surprised they keep showing up, huh? dang racists!!!!) would hang the black people they tortured. You can sometimes see things like clothes hanging from the line there.
Leeper Mansion: this place has a VERY morbid history. Leeper was a carpetbagger in the Civil War times who used to beat, shoot and hang the black people he just didn't like who came in on the newly built railroad. When he was dying, he was tied down because he kept saying demons were coming for him. There are reports of lights going on/off, strange noises coming from his room.
-Joe's Cave: in the early 1900s, a black man named Joe was accused of raping a white woman. He said "God would prove I didn't do it." He survived the electric chair, but a group of vigilantes went beyond the call of duty by taking him to a cave where he was tarred, feathered, and hung with barbed wire in one of the larger rooms in the back of the cave. He was a fiddle player and after dinner every night, he would sit on his porch and play his fiddle. If you go to the cave around dark, you can hear him playing up a storm on his fiddle.


Deer Lodge
-Old Montana Prison: this was used throughout the 1800s, until more recent prisoners were moved to the new prison in 1979-1980. This place held the most brutal outlaws. The gallows room has a cold presence and many strange noises. The hole is a sub-chambered room that's intensely cold and has about 4-5 cells, one in particular, first one on the left, is very cold and has a foul odor and a VERY evil, threatening presence known to push people back up the stairs.

-Hummel Park: there is a city park on the northern outskirts called Hummel Park. The background for this park is scary and macabre to begin with, because in the early 1900s, lynch mobs would ride through the town and mutilate any black people they saw or hang them. There were so many black people that were hung that the trees on the road leading to Hummel Park are bowed over. The strange thing is that new grass and trees all lean towards the road outside the park and even in the park.  At night, you can hear Indian drums playing, wolves howling, see ghosts.

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