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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haunted Nevada and Other States


-Silver Rim Elementary School: teachers working late at night would often have feelings of someone watching them, ehar rapping noises and one teacher saw a ghost of a man. In Sept. 1903, there was a Chinese race riot. The local labor union decided to run all the Chinese people out of town. During the riot, there was a Chinese man named Ping Ling who was badly beaten and hit right in the eye with a hatchet. When he tried to walk out of town, he bled to death on the road

New Hampshire

-Lindenshire Trailer Park: there is an old pilot who said there used to be a graveyard on the land where the trailer park now sits. On the eastern half, there have been ghost sightings, a bleeding light bulb with real blood dripping from it, reports about eyes floating in a set of woods nearby known as the Hobo Jungle where there were reports about Satanic activity being held there.

-Bear Hill Road: there is a very old house on this road that the local kids call "The Plague House". A long time ago, when people became infected with the plague virus or any other incurable disease, they were taken to this hosue and left to die. They were buried so deep in the ground that animals could not get to them and spread the virus further, because when they got the bodies out, they would contract the plague and die where they stood. Nowadays, there is a spirit there called the White Ghost, it will come around when you do.

-Gilson Road Cemetery: there have numerous reports about 'misty people'. If you walk from the entrance to the middle, it's said you feel like you're wading in water. If you park across the street, your car will feel like it's being pushed back from the cemetery. Stand at the perimeter and you can hear voices from the back, right hand corner. On several occasions, a black hooded figure has been seen, almost like Death waiting for you.
New Jersey

-Long Road/Devil's Tree: if you turn on Long Road and make a left at the end, you'll come to a large wooded area that opens onto a field. At the end of the field is a hideous tree with a branch that runs perfectly parallel to the ground. Legend has it that the tree was used to hang slaves. On the trunk, there are marks from people trying to chop it down, and legend also has it that anyone who tries to cut it down, something bad happens and sometimes a pickup truck will chase you out.

Cape May
-Spiaggi's: this Italian restaurant hosts the spirit of a baby girl named Gloria. It is believed that she was either murdered or died while in her crib. Most of the paranormal activity occurs in the upper floors. Customers and staff say they hear furniture moving around in the upper rooms. Located downstairs is a picture of the baby from the 1900s

-Newport/In the Woods: in the woods on Back Road, there is a tree that was frequently used by the KKK(Seriously, why do they keep showing up, wtf?) If you go there, you can see rope burn on the branches, and hear footsteps and if you're there long enough, you can witness a ghostly hanging.

-Marlboro Mental Institution: there are numerous reports of a rotting smell and whistling noise, feelings of being followed. Rumor has it that it was a slaughterhouse once operated on the grouns and the state wanted to take over to build a mental hospital on the grounds. People can hear cows mooing, pigs dying, overall, very creepy
-Berry's Chapel: Berry was a black man who was a pastor who was hung by the KKK(ok, seriously, why do they have to involve themselves on paranormal stuff. I'm seriously not surprised by these racists!!). The Chapel was built in the days of the Civil War and it burned down in the early 1960s. The nearby graveyard was beginning to decay from kids using it as a party spot and skulls began appearing in the main party spot.
West Milford
-Passaic County/Clinton Road: very scary road. It has KKK sightings, Nazi meetings, haunted dogs, an old lady who walks on the same side you're driving on, and a creepy castle. One night, a little boy was walking on the road and a car came speeding out of nowhere and hit him, and he fell over a bridge and died. At midnight, if you throw a penny, he throws it back.
New Mexico

-Legal Tender Building: 4 diff. ghosts have bene seen here, from a lady in white to a child Chinese railroad worker to a man in black who is a bystander in a card game.

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