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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haunted New York and Other States

New York

-Whiskey Hollow: 5 mile road with no houses or street lights. Just forest. Back then, devil worshippers and the KKK wouls worship and kill children as sacrifices there. At night, if you drive down that way, you can see spirits of children walking and a bloody blanket. Very eerie feelings of being watched
-Chelsea Hotel: hallways are haunted and constant feelings of someone watching you or behind you. Int eh past, the hotel has been a refuge for drug dealers, drug addicts, pimps/prostitutes, who were murdered or hurt. Feelings of pain and sadness, and also a young woman who had recently married in the early 1900s, who found out her husband died in the Titanic sinking hung herself here.
-Plum Point Condos: this used to be an all boys Christian school. One of the nuns molested the boys, killed him, and put him in the wall to cover it up. It's believed to be haunted because strange things happen, machinery would break down, someone's hand would be cut off from machinery, etc.

New York City
-Dakota Apartments: former Beatle John Lennon has been seen outside the apartment building where he ws killed. His spirit hangs around and has said to be a gentle spirit
Staten Island
-Wolfe's Pond Park: if you enter the park through a path next to Prince's Bay train station and follow the paths, you'll come to a small 20 ft. cliff. If you stand on the banks of the pond on a spot where an upside down car is in the water, you can see a phantom car falling off the cliff and sinking into the water. Back in the 1970s, a car with 2 teens in it mistakenly drove off the side and overturned. They were not found for 2 weeks. You get cold feelings, in addition to witnessing a phantom car overturning. Also in the 1970s, children were abducted, raped and murdered in the woods. People say they hear screams and crying, they see the children walking the path looking for their parents or killer.
North Carolina

-Potter's Field: legend has it that the Knights of the White Chameleons chased a black kid through the field because he supposedly raped a daughter of one of the members. He was beaten to within an inch of his life and buried alive. If you go to field the day it happened, March 8, you can hear muffled screams from beneath the ground.

North Dakota

-Kroeze Hall: if you go to room D15 late at night, you can hear the rhythmic sounds of a click. There was a college student who lived in that dorm who had OCD and a Rubik's Cube. Went to the state hospital for attacking a fellow student for stealing his cube. He killed himself, but still haunts the room, looking for his toy of joy.


-Dead Man's Curve: a Chevy Impala full of teens was killed by an oncoming Dodge Roadrunner speeding at 100+ mph. The road is now haunted by a faceless hitchiker who will jump out in front of cars to be "hit" and then jump up and race after the car. A driverless Impala, a ghostly green Roadrunner have been seen here as well as a black hearse who follows people menacingly. Psychics say this area is VERY EVIL!

-Buffalo Ridge: many hauntings here. One is of a car doing gang initiations, where you can hear a car with the stereo too loud and see it speeding up/down the hills, a woman in a wedding dress
-King's Island: a little blonde girl is said to haunt the Water Works, a senior who is referred to as Tower Johnny, who was thought to be a drunk high school student who illegally climbed the Eiffel Tower and either fell to his death or was sheared in half by the elevator cables.
-Spring Grove Cemetery: at Lot 100, there is a bust of a man's head with glass eyes that look human! Legend has it that if you disrespect the grounds, you'll have bad luck forever. The statue will rotate it's ehad to keep focused on you, and if you stand on one of the porches of the Dexter Memorial, you might see 2 white glimmering dogs.
-Chateau La Rouch aka Loveland Castle: built by Sir Harry Andrews. The dungeon has cold spots, electrical malfunctions, hearing things like voices, feelings of not being alone.

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