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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator
-When a satellite orbiting Earth finds an unidentified source of heat in Antarctica, it is discovered that this source of heat is coming from a pyramid buried deep in the Arctic ground. A group of archaeologists and engineers are sent to investigate. When they arrive, they find that this pyramid was once an Aztec temple for making sacrifices to some unknown alien species. Meanwhile, a team of up-and-coming Predators are coming to this temple to perform a coming of age ritual to become official warriors. So it's a 3 way battle between the Predators, humans and Aliens

-Sanaa Lathan: Alexa Woods
-Raoul Bova: Sebastian de Rosa
-Lance Henriksen: Charles Bishsop Weyland
-Ewan Bremner: Graeme Miller
-Colin Salmon: Maxwell Stafford
-Tommy Flanagan: Mark Verheiden
-Joseph Rye: Joe Connors
-Agatha de La Boulaye: Adele Rosseau
-Carsten Norgaard: Rusten Quinn
-Sam Troughton: Thomas Parks

Did You Know?
-Out of all the lead actresses who auditioned, actress Sanaa Lathan was chosen and had to fly to Prague immediately
-The Alien Queen was an animatronic robot whoe movements were controlled by motion-control rigs to make the movments easier to handle
-This is both the first Alien and Predator movie to get a rating other than R

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