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Monday, December 31, 2012

Yoshi's Island for Gameboy Advance

My fave handheld game ever!!!!

Yoshi's Island

-The game is 1 dimensional, u know, 1 view. It was the late 1990s and early 2000, technology of today was not here yet. The details retain their cute, adorable handdrawn appearance throughout the entire game. This would be perfect for little kids because there is no violence in it, just cute lil animals

-The basic premise of the game was to escort Baby Mario through the various worlds of Yoshi's Island and pass him off to the next Yoshi as a sort of relay system
Get the 1UP to get an extra life

-If Yoshi is hit by an enemy, Mario will fall of Yoshi's back, and any stars you've collected on the way will disappear as it will be used in a countdown clock until Baby Bowser's minions snatch up Mario
The floating cloud balloons often hold special items, such as coins, stars, etc
-The only way to safely get Mario back is to pop his bubble
-Along the way, the player will collect stars to increase the timer to 30
-And there are circumstances in each level that will cause Yoshi to lose life no matter what, such as touching spikes, falling into lava, falling into a bottomless pit, etc
-In this game, Yoshi can perform a flutter jump that allows him to reach higher levels. He can also perform a butt stomp to break crates and break through weak floors. Another ability he has is to snatch enemies with his tongue and turn them into eggs to be used like a weapon. He can collect up to 6 eggs at once. And in certain levels, he can collect eggs that have special powers. A flashing purple egg will give him a mystery gift, while a red egg will give him coins. A large egg will shatter the earth, destroying nearby enemies
This is the Flutter Jump. It allows Yoshi to reach new areas
-It starts out with a stork carrying two babies, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, identified by their red and green hats. Suddenly, the evil Magikoopa Kamek swoops out of the sky and stuns the bird and tries to steal the babies. He steals Baby Luigi, while Baby Mario falls to safety on a tropical island in the middle of the sea, known as Yoshi's Island, home to all the cute little colored Yoshis. He falls onto the back of the main green Yoshi, who was out for a walk. The Yoshi crew then decide to do a relay system fo using each Yoshi to navigate the various environments of the 6 worlds to rescue the stork and Baby Luigi from Baby Bowser and Kamek. When Yoshi finally reaches Bowser's Castle, he demands that he hand over Baby Luigi. Baby Bowser wakes up and tries to ride Yoshi as Mario is doing. Kamek then uses magic to enlarg Bowser and a fight ensues, with the castle being destroyed. Baby Bowser is then returned to normal size and is whisked off by Kamek, flying towards the moon, vowing to return. The stork takes off, with both babies in tow, towards the Mushroom Kingdom, where their parents live. At dawn, the parents wake up to find 2 infants on their doorstep
The "Y" flags mark the worlds you've conquered

Go here with a key to get extras

This is how you upload your file

Level: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy

Down the pipe to a new area

The guys shooting water will knock you off

This floating box will often hold stars to extend your timer

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