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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea

-After a businessman puts $200 million into a project for Alzheimer's research, he has a scientist named Susan McAllister do the research. She does experiments on sharks, that are rather inhumane, by enlarging their brains because their brains contain a special chemical that "cures" Alzheimers. She does this so she can harvest these chemicals. She then fails to realize that by enlarging their brains, she is thus making them more intelligent and clever. One by one, the doctors are hunted down by these stronger, faster killing machines

-Thoms Jane: Carter Blake
-Saffron Burrows: Dr. Susan McCallister
-Samuel L. Jackson: Russell Franklin
-Michael Rapaport: Tom Scoggins
-Stellan Skarsgard: Jim Whitlock
-LL Cool J: Preacher
-Aida Turturro: Brenda Kerns

Did You Know?
-Director Renny Harlin says this is the hardest movie he ever made
-There is also a director's trademark throughout the movie. In Janice's room there is a Finnish flag, on the dry erase board in the kitchen, the first thing on the shopping list is Finnish pancakes and Helsinki, Finland's capital, is also mentioned

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