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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Terminator

One of my favorite sci-fi movies ever!!!!

The Terminator

-A cyborg called The Terminator is sent on a mission from the future of 2029. His mission involves killing a young woman named Sarah Connor, whose life will be of the highest and greatest importance in the future. Her only protector is a guy named Kyle Reese, who is also from the future. The Terminator will, by any means necessary, try to destroy Sarah to keep her from existing

-Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator
-Michael Biehn: Kyle Reese
-Linda Hamilton: Sarah Connor
-Paul Winfield: Lt. Ed Traxler
-Lance Herinksen: Det. Hal Vukovich
-Rick Rossovich: Matt Buchanan
-Bess Motta: Ginger Ventura
-Earl Boen: Dr. Peter Silberman
-Dick Miller: Pawn shop clerk
-Bill Paxton: Punk leader
-Franco Columbu: Future Terminator
-Brian Thompson: Punk

Did You Know?
-German actor Jurgen Prochnow was considered a possible choice to play the lead role
-The movie series trademark was when Reese saves Sarah at thte nightclub shooting, saying "Come with me if you want to live"
-Linda Hamilton broke her ankle before production. In order to do the chase scenes, she had to have her leg wrapped.
-When Arnold Schwarzenegger went into a downtown L.A. restuarant to get some lunch, he caused quite a stir among the patrons of the resturant. He was still dressed as The Terminator, with his missing fake eye, burned flesh and exposed jawbone
-The "clank" sound for the soundtrack was made by someone named Brad Fiedel hitting a microphone with a cast iron skillet
-The glasses worn by The Terminator were called Gargoyles
-Tony Banks, the keyboard player for Genesis, was asked to do the score for the movie. But he was busy with other engagements

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  1. One of my favorite movies, the special effects still hold up better than most today. :)