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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality
-Gracie Hart is a female FBI agent who has to be the biggest tomboy alive. She seems to have not one shred of femininity. She is bright, and also capable of holding up against her male coworkers, but when her and a fellow agent named Eric Matthews start pursuing a terrorist known only as The Citizen, it almost turns to a disaster. Gracie then discovers that the next target of this terrorist will be the Miss United States beauty pageant, being held in Austin, Texas. It is then decided that they need an undercover officer and Gracie is chosen

-The pageant represents everything Gracie does not like: skimpy clothes, female beauty, modeling and talent shows. The FBI call in a former pageant coach named Victor Melling to train Gracie in the art of beauty pageants. As things continue, she begins to befriend the contestants and she will do whatever necessary to protect the innocent while pursuing the criminal, who is at the pageant and is also one of the contestants.

-Sandra Bullock: Gracie Hart
-Michael Caine: Victor Melling
-Benjamin Bratt: Eric Matthews
-Candice Bergen: Kathy Morningside
-William Shatner: Stan Fields
-Ernie Hudson: Harry McDonald
-John DiResta: Agent Clonsky
-Heather Burns: Cheryl Frasier aka Miss Rhode Island
-Melissa DeSousa: Karen Krantz aka Miss New York
-Steve Monroe: Frank Tobin
-Deidre Quinn: Mary Jo Wright aka Miss Texas
-Wendy Raquel Robinson:  Leslie Davis aks Miss California
-Asia De Marcos: Alana Krewson aka Miss Hawaii

Did You Know?
-The people working in the Starbucks restaurant were actual employees
-Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt did all their own fighting scenes in the movie
-Many of the locations in the movie, which takes place in Austin, Texas, were actual locations. Such as the Dig and Duck Pub, where Gracie eats ice cream and to give it a "New York look" brown plastic bags of fake trash were put around the buildings while fake NYC cabs cruised the streets

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