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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Batman Begins

Batman Begins
-After leaving a play that scared him, young Bruce Wayne and his parents are on their way home when a mugger robs them and kills them. He vows to one day seek his revenge against the people who murdered his parents. Then one day, while in the East, it shows him in an Asian prison. When he is released, he seeks the help of a dangerous ninja cult leader named Ra's Al Ghul. He teaches Wayne everything he needs to know how to defend himself.

-When he returns to Gotham City, he sees that it is in ruins, that crime is running the city. He runs into an old friend of his named Rachel Dawes, who is now a DA for the city and he soon realizes that his father's company is slowly but surely being run into the ground. When he discovers a cavern beneath Wayne Manor, he decides to turn it into a cave and become a vigilante to stop crime.

-He gets a taste of real crime when Dr. Jonathan Crane, a renowned psychiatrist, begins using a hallucinogenic drug on his victims to scare them and wants to introduce it into the water supply to poison the whole city and also make it airborne. He then dubs himself The Scarecrow. So it's up to Batman to stop him

-Christian Bale: Bruce Wayne/Batman
-Michael Caine: Alfred Pennyworth
-Liam Neeson: Ducard
-Kati Holmes: Rachel Dawes
-Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon
-Cillian Murphy: Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow
-Rade Serbedzija: Homeless man
-Tom Wilkinson: Carmine Falcone
-Ken Watanabe: Ra's Al Ghul
-Mark Boone Junior: Flass
-Morgan Freeman: Lucius Fox
-Linus Roache: Thomas Wayne

Did You Know?
-The only Batman movie not opening with a villain or criminal committing a crime
-Christian Bale is the youngest actor to play Batman
-For the outside shots of Arkham Asylum, The National Insitute of Medical Research, based out of Mill Hill, England was used
-First live action appearance of villain Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow
-A very large portion of the cast is European actors using American accents. Such as: Christian Bale (Welsh), Gary Oldman, Tom Wilkinson, Linus Roache (British), Cillian Murphy (Irish), Rutger Hauer (Dutch)
- Due to playing an anorexic role before this, Christian Bale had to regain the 65 pounds to play Batman
-Michael Caine took his name form the film The Caine Mutiny
-Director Christopher Nolan had such an interest in actor Cillian Murphy's blue eyes, he kept trying to find reasons for him to remove his glasses
-Marilyn Manson, Christopher Eccleston and Ewan McGregor were considered for the role of Jonathan Crane

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