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Monday, December 10, 2012

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd
-In the year 2129, Earth has turned into an uninhabitable wasteland called "The Cursed Earth". The population of the Earth have crowded into the major cities, which have evolved into what is called "Mega Cities". The crimes committed are so violent and powerful, that it's up to a new type of justice to be dispensed. This new "system" combines the 3 branches of law together: police, jury, executioner, into something called "Judges".

-Mega City 1 is and was previously known as New York. In this city lies the most powerful and strict judge of all, Judge Joseph Dredd. When his brother Rico escapes prison and commits murder, it is blamed on his brother Joseph. So now, "Judge" Joseph Dredd must find a way to prove his innocence and become a Judge once more.

-Sylvester Stallone: Judge Joseph dredd
-Armand Assante: Rico
-Rob Schneider: Herman 'Fergie' Ferguson
-Jurgen Prochnow: Judge Griffin
-Max von Sydow: Chief Justice Fargo
-Diane Lane: Judge Hershey
-Joanna Miles: Judge Evelyn McGruder
-Joan Chen: Dr. Ilsa Hayden
-Balthazar Getty: Cadet Nathan Olmeyer
-Maurice Roeves: Warden Miller

Did You Know?
-This movie was actually based on a long running British comic book character of the same name that appeared in "2000 AD"
-The scene where Rob Schneider mocks Sylvester Stallone was so funny that the producers kept it in the movie. It was an improvised scene

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