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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Porky's Revenge

Porky's Revenge

-Meat is a student at Angel Beach High School in Florida. One day, while oging home, he sees a shapely girl broken down on the side of the road. He soon learns her face is not right with her figure. Him and the rest of the guys soon learn that she is the daughter of their enemy, strip club owner Porky. They then learn he has re-opened his nightclub aboard a new riverboat.

-Meanwhile, right around the corner is the Angel Beach Basketball Championship. The guys learn that their coach owes money to Porky. But things take a turn for the worse when Porky's daughter develops a crush on Meat and tries to force him to have sex aboard the closed nightclub. When Porky hears of her crush, he and his men kidnap Meat from the senior prom and force him into a shotgun wedding.

-Dan Monahan: Pee Wee Morris
-Wyatt Knight: Tommy Turner
-Tony Ganios: Meat Tuperello
-Mark Herrier: Billy
-Kaki Hunter: Wendy Williams
-Scott Colomby: Brian Schwartz
-Nancy Parsons: Beulah Ballbricker
-Chuck Mitchell: Porky Wallace
-Wendy Feign: Blossom
-Kim Evenson: Inga
-Sandy Mielke: Snooky Kelton

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