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Monday, December 3, 2012

England and US: Two Very Eerily Similar Countries

Inspired by a post recently done by a blogger called the Happy Homemaker UK, she blogged about comparing things in England and the US.  I just hope that she does not think I'm stealing her idea. She deserves all credit for inspiration on this post. So I'll think maybe I'll do a comparison of my own. I choose England because, culturally, the US and England are eerily similar. Especially when it comes to things like music, TV, movies and things. But I have noticed that the Brits really do love sci-fi, with shows like Doctor Who, Primeval, and Battlestar Galactica, period drama like Downtown Abbey, Brideshead Revisited, The Tudors, and other shows like Torchwood, Law and Order: UK, Top Gear, Luther, The InBetweeners, etc.

Popular TV Shows
Noticed that alot the shows from England are either period drama, sci-fi, law, reality, comedy or something else
-Downtown Abbey

-Doctor Who
-Are You Being Served? I really like this one now all of a sudden...
-My Family. I can relate to this family just a little too much
-Being Human
-Fawlty Towers
-Keeping Up Appearances
-Law and Order: UK. Love it!!!!
-Mr. Bean. Cracks me up every time!
-The Young Ones. Cracks me up!

Too funny!

-The Big Bang Theory. Cracks me up
-Criminal Minds. Love it!
-Glee. Can seriously relate to, the unpopular part...
-Castle. Too funny...
-Sons of Anarchy. Like
-Hawaii Five-O. Love!
-Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Like
-The Simpsons. Like
-The Walking Dead
-White Collar. Love!
-Chicago Fire

-The Rolling Stones. Love it!
-The Beatles. Love it!
-Def Leppard. Love it!
-Judas Priest. Love it!
-Genesis. Definitely like now, thanks 2 my stepdad
-David Bowie. Also like 'cuz of my stepdad
-The Who. Ditto on the reason above.
-Rod Stewart. Like
-Elton John. Like
-Deep Purple. Love!
-The Clash. Like

-The Spice Girls. Actually thought about checking out their music. Have not done it yet. Gotta get the motivation, lol!

Alot of "the" bands, huh?
-Bo Diddley
-Elvis Presley
-Bon Jovi. Hottie! And he has good music!
-Kiss. Love them!
-Motley Crue. Love them!
-The Temptations. Love the R&B music they do!
-The Supremes. Coolest girl band ever!
-Van Halen. Love it!!!
-Aerosmith. Love it!
-Poison. Love it!
-Green Day. Pretty good music. My sister turned me on to them
-Prince. Love it!

Popular actresses in or from the UK and US
-Maggie Smith. One of my favorite drama actresses. She's just very elegant, sophisticated and I like her for that
-Judi Dench
-Helen Mirren. Very beautiful for her age
-Kate Winslet. Favorite actress
-Eileen Atkins. Very pretty
-Joan Plowright. Looks like a loving angel of a woman
-Julie Andrews. Love how she can sing
-Jessica Tandy. Very pretty before she passed
-Elizabeth Hurley. Love her acting, she's also very beautiful
-Freema Agyeman. She's beautiful and she also looks tough. Right on!
-Rachel Weisz
-Emma Watson. Pretty :D

-Jessical Alba
-Khandi Alexander
-Loni Anderson. Loved how she was a smart blonde on WKRP in Cincinnati
-Bea Arthur. Loved her sarcasm on Golden Girls. Yes, I watched that show sometimes :D
-Bonnie Bedelia
-Halle Berry. Favorite actress
-Amanda Bynes
-Jamie Lee Curtis
-Dorothy Dandridge. First black actress to win an Academy Award
-Aaliyah Haughton. Good music and good actress
-Taraji P. Henson. Very pretty
-Viola Davis. Very pretty

Popular actors in or from the UK and US
-Michael Caine. One of my dad's fave actors
-Christopher Lee
-John Cleese
-Eric Idle. Cracked me up in the Monty Python Holy Grail movie
-Hugh Laurie
-Alan Rickman. Scared me a little in the Harry Potter movies
-Colin Firth. Very handsome in What a Girl Wants. Very good actor too!

-Bill Nighy. Cracked me up in Flushed Away
-Stephen Fry
-Ralph Fiennes. Very handsome
-Clive Owen. Hottie!
-Jude Law. Hottie!
-Johnny Depp. My sister's "fantasy" actor husband
-Jeremy Renner
-Leonardo DiCaprio
-Andrew Garfield. Did not know he had English heritage


-Denzel Washington. My lil' chocolate angel
-Sylvester Stallone
-Robert De Niro
-Dustin Hoffman

-The Full Monty. Just bought it and is dying to watch it!
-Love Actually. Love it!
-Performance. Like it only cuz Mick Jagger was young and cute in it. But never seen it, thank God!
-Goldfinger. Love it.
-Goodbye Mr. Chips. Strangely enough, my dad got me liking this one!
-The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
-Keeping Mum
-Harry Potter series
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-A Fish Called Wanda. Cracks me up every time!
-Flushed Away. Love it!
-Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Love it!

-The Exorcist
-Jurassic Park
-Alice in Wonderland
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Lord of the Rings
-The Blind Side
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show
-Ghost. Love it!

Drinking Age


-Mix of patterns, prints, colors and styles
-Black leather bomber jackets with a "punk" feel to them
-Trench coats
-Pretty costume jewelry
-Short black boots with lacing up the front
-Shoe boots
-Red anything!
-Skinny jeans
-Suits and ties for guys in downtown London
-Also, I've noticed that pea coats seem to be very popular with men in downtown London
-Pinstripes. IDK why, but I think the Austin Powers movies only highlighted this. London businessmen seem very fond of pinstriped suits. And it looks kinda sexy on some of them, :D
-Floppy Hats
-Plaid Burberry-looking stuff

-Cowboy hats
-Leather jackets
-Designer labels such as American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Hollister, Ecko
-Blue jeans
-Baggy clothing.
-It all depends on the person. Every person is different and their fashion reflects their personality.
-Rock band shirts
-Dress clothes
-Skinny jeans
-Skater clothes
-Big sneakers
-Hawaiian shirts
-Grunge plaid shirts
-Torn jeans
-"Hipster" glasses

Famous Fashion Designers
-Alexander McQueen
-John Galliano
-Christopher Bailey
-Vivienne Westwood
-Stella McCartney
-Trinny Woodall
-Susannah Constantine
-Victoria Beckham
-Paul Smith
-Matthew Williamson
-Philip Treacy
-Nicholas Kirkwood
-Mary Quant

-Mark Jacobs
-Vera Wang
-Oscar de la Renta
-Calvin Klein
-Kate Spade
-Ralph Lauren
-Donna Karan
-Liz Claiborne
-Dana Buchman
-Perry Ellis
-Tom Ford
-Michael Kors
-Bob Mackie
-Isaac Mizrahi
-Narciso Rodriguez

Voting Age

-17, but mostly it's 18. When it comes to voting, if I were eligible to vote, I'd give people an opinion they're never going to forget, lol!!!!!

Age for Military Enlistment
-16 with parental consent
-Must be at least 17 for an officer program

-People interested can join at 17 with parental consent

Age of Driving License

-16 to drive any kind of motor vehicle

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