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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


-Ewan McGregor: Valiant
-Ricky Gervais: Bugsy
-Tim Curry: Von Talon
-Jim Broadbent: Sergeant
-Hugh Laurie: Gutsy
-John Cleese: Mercury
-John Hurt: Felix
-Pip Torrens: Lofty
-Rik Mayall: Cufflingk
-Olivia Williams: Victoria
-Jonathan Ross: Big Thug
-Brian Lonsdale: Toughwood
-Dan Roberts: Tallfeather
-Michael Schlingmann: Underlingk
-Sharon Horgan: Charles De Girl

-Valiant is a woodland pigeon in 1944 who dreams of becoming a hero. One day, he hears that recruits are needed for the Royal Homing Pigeon Service and he goes to London to try for it. While on the way, he runs into a smelly but nice pigoen named Bugsy who joins him just to get away from some birds he played hide the pebble with and cheated at. So the two decide to join the Royal Homing Pigeon Service and do their military service for England during WWII.

Did You Know?
-Took over two years to voice the characters for the movie, despite its short running time
-Over 200 artists from 41 countries worked together on this movie
-After Dominator, this is the second full length British made CGI movie

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