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Monday, December 10, 2012

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Twilight Zone: The Movie
-There are 4 episodes vaguely remodeled after episodes
A Quality of Mercy
-After a loud-mouthed bigoted businessman named Bill Connor starts speaking openly his opinions of Jews, blacks and Asians, he gets the tables turned on him when he exits the bar and lands in Nazi-occupied France, when the Nazi SS officers are rounding up all Jews for removal to the concentration camps. They see him as a Jew and pursue him.  Then he finds himself in the 1950s Deep South, where he's seen as a black man at a KKK rally in the swamps. Then he's transported to the 1960s, where he lands in a swampy jungle in the jungles of Vietnam, where American GI's see him as a Vietnamese Viet Cong officer. He is then trasnsported back to present day. He is looking at the bar he just left, seeing his friends Larry and Ray calling his name, wondering where he is. Meanwhile, he is in a transport truck with other Jews, seeing the look on their face, understanding what they are going through, as they are all on their way to the Auschwitz death camp.

Kick the Can
-An old man named Mr. Bloom(Scatman Crothers) arrives at a new retirement home and somehow makes the wishes of its residents come true. He transports them back to their childhood, where they play their favorite game, Kick the Can. This wish teaches them that they can still live as kids in their imagination.

It's a Good Life
-A young woman who is a waitress at a local restuarant is driving home when she picks up a 10 year old boy to give him a lift home. When she arrives, she meets his family. As time goes on, she discovers that this house and his family are controlled by the disturbing alternate reality created by the boy's cartoonish imagination

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
-An airline passenger with a fear of hieghts starts to suddenly see a mysterious creature on the wing of the plane. As he's the only one who sees it, he tries to convince others that there's something on the plane, but all the passengers and airline stewardesses think he's nuts.

-Dan Aykroyd: Ambulance driver/passenger
-Albert Brooks: Car driver
-Vic Morrow: Bill Connor (Segment 1)
-Doug McGrath: Larry (Segment 1)
-Charles Hallahan: Ray (Segment 1)
-Rainer Peets: German Officer (Segment 1)
-Kai Wulff: German Officer (Segment 1)
-Annette Claudier: French mother (Segment 1)
-Joseph Hieu: Vietnamese soldier (Segment 1)
-Thomas Byrd: G.I. (Segment 1)

Did You Know?
-Vic Morrow, Renee Chen and My-ca Dinh Lee were killed in an accident during this. During the filming of a Vietnamese battle scene, a helicopter misjudged it's landing and decapitated Morrow and Chen, and crushed Lee with the helicopter skids.
-There was a mention of someone named Lt. Neidermeyer getting "fragged" by his own troops in Vietnam. This is a reference to Animal House, with the character Neiedermeyer, who was supposed to have been killed by his own troops
-In the second episode, the little boy, Anthony's powers have the same sounds effects as the video game Tempest
-During one part of the first segment, actor John Larroquette , who played one of the KKK members, refused to wear a white KKK hood because he wanted his face visible

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