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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
-Batman now has a new enemy on the streets. A crazed psychopath known only as The Joker is reeking havoc on the city, treating everything as a joke. Along with the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman is determined to put a stop to his antics.

-Christian Bale: Bruce Wayne/Batman
-Michael Caine: Alfred Pennyworth
-Heath Ledger: Joker
-Aaron Eckhart: Harvey Dent/Two-Face
-Maggie Gyllenhaal: Rachel
-Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon
-Morgan Freeman: Lucius Fox
-Monique Gabriela Curnen: Ramirez
-Ron Dean: Wuertz
-Cillian Murphy: Scarecrow
-Chin Han: Lau
-Nestor Carbonell: Mayor
-Anthony Michael Hall: Mike Engel
-Eric Roberts: Maroni
-Ritchie Coster: Chechen

Did You Know?
-Heath Ledger based his version of the Joker on Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and Malcolm McDowell's character Alex De Large form A Clockwork Orange
-On Thanksgiving weekend in 2007, fake Gotham Times newspapers were distributed, with headline "City at War. Batman Saves Entire Family". The weather forecast was "gloomy and overcast"
-To play Gothm City police officers, off duty cops from Chicago, Elyria OH, Hammond IN, Buffalo Grove IL and Joliet IL were used as extras
-The Joker's face paint was designed by Heath Ledger himself. He went to a local drugstore and bought clown makeup and cosmetics
-During the chase scene where The Joker takes over driving the semi, the bullet holes form a smiley face
-The first Batman movie where Batman goes outside of Gotham City
-The mouth cuts on The Joker's face resemble the ones on actress Elizabeth Short's face, who was murdered in the 1930s

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