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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ratchet & Clank

Love this game, playing it currently. Just started level on Planet Kalebo III, the Gadgetron HQ

Ratchet & Clank
-Planet Quartu is a factory planet that creates robots. One day, a small robot is sent out and when it sees an Infobot and sees the disturbing content on it, he is found by one of the larger robots. He escapes and is shot down over Planet Veldin

Getting the Gadgetron PDA in Gorda City on Planeit Oltanis

Jowai Resort on Planet Pokitaru

-That is where he meets Ratchet, a Lombax who is fixing his spaceship. The robot shows Ratchet the Infobot and thus he nicknames the robot 'Clank'. The Infobot shows a character named Chairman Drek who is of the alien Blarg race. It says he is constructing a new planet and destroying old planets and using what's left to make the new one.
Metropolis, Planet Kerwan

Tobruk Crater, Planet Novalis

-Fearing total destruction of the entire galaxy, the robot asks for Ratchet's help in finding a superhero named Captain Qwark to help. Ratchet is eager to leave, but his ship can't start with out a robotic ignition. After they take off, they are shot and crash land on Planet Novalis
Meeting the Plumber

Tobruk Crater, Planet Novalis
-While doing missions, they eventually find Captain Qwark in Blackwater City on Planet Rilgar, where the Hoverboard Races are being held. After meeting with him, he invites them to his headquarters on Planet Umbris, which has a military-style obstacle course on it. Clank thinks that Qwark will help them when he really intends to trap them and have a large creature called a Snagglebeast destroy them.
Blackwater City, Planet Rilgar

Gemlik Base, Oltanis Orbit
-By now, Ratchet is obsessed with revenge on Qwark. After defeating Qwark in a space fight on the Gemlik Moonbase, they proceed to Gorda City on Planet Oltanis, to try and stop Drek on their own. They soon learn that Drek has invented a new weapon called the "Deplanetizer", which will destroy Veldin, Ratchet's home planet. After defeating Drek, they send the Deplanetizer towards Drek's new planet, which destroys it and sends meteors hurtling towards Veldin. They fall off the edge of the missile launcher and after Clank thinks Ratchet is leaving, he comes back and offers to fix Clank's broken arm. The two then leave as best friends

-The main character is Ratchet, he's the main playable character
-The player controls him from a 3rd person perspective
-You explore different environments with an arsenal of different weapons and gadgets
-The main weapon is an OmniWrench 3000
-As the player progresses, you gain more weapons and gadgets, such as the Bomb Glove, the Tesla Claw, the Glove of Doom and more
-Throughout each world, you collect nuts and bolts, which are the primary currency in this game. They can be found in crates, from defeated enemies or in ammo crates
-There are also vendors. In this game, there is a gadget company called Gadgetron, which has vendors on all the planets and they sell you new weapons, ammo
-After you beat the game, you have the option of doing "challenge mode" which has all the bolts you collected the first time around follow you along with all the weapons you have. This also allows you to enter the Gold Room and upgraded your weapons to gold weapons, which makes them more powerful and dangerous
-The other semi-playable character is Clank, a small robot who rides on Ratchet's back. When playing as Clank, he can control "Gadgebots", small robots who can perform actions
-You also have the ability to do races. In this game, you can use a hoverboard. And in other levels, it is necessary to do a space fighter mission, by getting into a jet fighter to shoot down an enemy or as part of a mission to progress

-Pyrocitor: Flamethrower
-Bomb Glove: able to toss bombs
-Tesla Claw: claw-shaped weapon with the ability to shoot electricity
-Devastator: missile launcher that resembles a bazooka
-R.Y.N.O: Heavy multiple missile launcher, stands for Rip Ya a New One
-Morph-o-Ray: Turn your enemies into chickens!
-Trespasser: lock picking tool
-Visibomb Gun: Controllable missiles
-Decoy Glove: toss out Ratchet dummies
-Magneboots: Allows user to walk on special metal surfaces
-Walloper: Boxing glove that packs an extremely dangerous punch
-Swingshot: allows you to zip from one area to the next
-O2 Msak: Allows the player to breathe underwater and on planets where the air is bad (i.e. Planet Orxon)
-Blaster: Shoots white balls of energy
-Taunter: use it to lure your enemies
-Suck Cannon: Suck up enemies and shoot them as high calliber missiles
-Hydrodisplacer: use it to control water
-Hydropack: allows Ratchet to swim against currents in water

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