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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Movie I Can't Seem to Watch Without Crying...

-A group of aliens come to Earth to retrieve some pods containing people they'd left behind from a previous trip. These cocoons have been in eternal peace at the bottom of the ocean. Once they are retrieved, they are placed at the bottom of an abandoned swimming pool, conveniently next to a retirement home in a small Florida town. Their mission to rescue these pods is held back by a group of elderly retirees who are using the pool and somehow discover that these aliens give the retirees energy and essentially help keep them young

-Don Ameche: Art Selwyn
-Wilford Brimley: Ben Luckett
-Hume Cronyn: Joe Finley
-Brian Dennehy: Walter
-Jack Gilford: Bernie Lefkowitz
-Steve Guttenberg: Jack Bonner
-Maureen Stapleton: Mary Luckett
-Jessica Tandy: Alma Finley
-Gwen Verdon: Bess McCarthy
-Herta Ware: Rosie Lefkowitz
-Tahnee Welch: Kitty
-Barret Oliver: David
-Linda Harrison: Susan
-Tyrone Power Jr.: Pillsbury
-Clint Howard: John Dexter

Did You Know?
-At the time of filming, Wilford Brimley was only 50 years old. He had ot have his hair dyed gray to make him look older
-Hume Cronyn was a Golden Glove boxer before he went into acting. He lost sight in one eye and when he hits the young orderly, he actually hit him and knocked him out
-Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, who play Joe anad Alma Finley, had in real life been married for many year

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