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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Banned Music Videos

Here are some music videos that got banned from playing on MTV
Banned Videos

-Body Language
-Supposed homoerotic undertones, men and women in leather bodysuits, men and women emerging from the steamroom in towels, bare skin

Motley Crue
-Girls, Girls, Girls
-Nudity. Filmed at one of the band's fave hangouts, the Seventh Veil strip club in Los Angeles. It showed stripped completely naked and then was changed to the strippers being scantily clad

Van Halen
-Oh, Pretty Woman
-Opening sequence featured a pair of little people holding a woman captive and fondling her legs as she resists their advances. The band members, all dressed up as a Samurai warrior, Tarzan, and a cowboy all rescue her only to have her rescued by another band member dressed as Napoleon in a limo. At the end, the "woman" is actually revealed to be a cross-dressing man

-Pop Song 89
-After being told that there was to be no naked women in the video, the women all had big, obtrusive black bars placed across their chests

No Doubt (Gew Stefani's band)
-Looking Hot
-Was considered offensive to Native Americans, because of the portrayal of Native American culture and her outfit, tasseled dress, beads, moccasins, showing her as some kind of high fashion Pocahontas

Billy Idol
-Cradle of Love
-Young, innocent woman doing a seduction scene, also clips from the movie "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane", specifically the adult nursery rhymes Andrew McCarthy said

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  1. I'm listening Girls, Girls, Girls now :D I haven't seen the video yet, so maybe it's time to do it. I didn't even know it was banned.