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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Porky's II: The Next Day

Porky's II: The Next Day
-The students of Angel Beach High School are planning on putting on what they call "An Evening with Shakespeare". The local KKK branch is upset to hear that the one of the roles will be played by a student named John Henry, a Seminole Indian. Their efforts to put on the play are hampered by the gym teacher, Miss Beulah Ballbricker, who has enlisted the help of a religious fanatic named Reverend Bubba Flavel,  who, along with his religious people, will try and shut the play down.

-The KKK gets involved because one of the students in one of the plays, Romeo & Juliet, has a Seminole Indian named John Henry playing the lead, who will have to kiss a white girl. They start threatening the school and the boy himself. So it's up to the main crew to stop these major threats and protect anyone threatening Angel Beach

-Dan Monahan: Pee Wee
-Wyatt Knight: Tommy
-Mark Herrier: Billy
-Roger Wilson: Mickey
-Cyril O'Reilly: Tim
-Tony Ganios: Meat
-Kaki Hunter: Wendy
-Scott Colomby: Brian
-Nancy Parsons: Ballbricker
-Joseph Runningfox: John Henry
-Eric Christmas: Carter
-Bill Wiley: Reverend Flavel
-Cisse Cameron: Sandy Le Toi
-William Fuller: Klan Leader

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