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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm Pretty Sure That Every Adult Alive Today Has Probably Seen This...

-Set in a 1954 fictional Florida city of Angel Beach, the movie centers on a group of teen guys with one thing on their mind. This can be considered to be the #1 Teen Gross Out Sex movie. The group consists of Pee Wee, whose name refers to an obviously small area, Meat, who's a tall, muscular member of the group who has a very large appendage, Tommy, who is the bad boy of the group, Mickey, a sarcastic redneck with a carefree attitude, Brian, a Jewish student new to the school, Tim, a jock who throws around racist attitudes with a racist father who abuses his son for not following in his footsteps.

-In this small town, is the sleaziest, white trashiest strip joint in the history of humankind. It's a bar on the river called Porky's, whose neon light show Petunia flashing Porky. The boys try to get in because the manager has them thinking they are going to score with one of the strippers. But instead, Porky has the last laugh as he shuts the boys in a closet while they think he's preparing the strippers. He then yells "Here comes your night to remember" as he pulls a lever and the floor drops out and drops them into the river below. They leave humiliated, and want revenge.

-The can not do anything without arousing the suspicion of the local police, whose sheriff is the brother of Porky's owner. So they get their revenge by distracting the police and eventually destroying Porky's bar, and his pink Cadillac with flying pig hood ornament.

-Dan Monahan: Pee Wee
-Mark Herrier: Billy
-Wyatt Knight: Tommy
-Roger Wilson: Mickey
-Cyril O'Reilly: Tim
-Tony Ganios: Meat
-Kaki Hunter: Wendy
-Kim Cattrall: Honeywell
-Nancy Parsons: Miss Beulah Ballbricker
-Scott Colomby: Brian Schwartz
-Boyd Gaines: Coach Brackett
-Doug McGrath: Coach Warren
-Susan Clark: Cherry Forever
-Art Hindle: Ted Jarvis
-Chuck Mitchell: Porky

Did You Know?
-At the beginning of the movie, Pee Wee's real name is given: Edward Morris
-The stuff did in this movie was taken from writer/director Bob Clark's life. He collected experiences from males of his generation and also guys he went to high school with
-Bob Clark says that he based this movie on his high school and college experiences, with the guys in here being based on people he actually knew. He says that he compares himself closest to Pee Wee, Billy, Tommy, the brainy guy.

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