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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas Wishes

Well, Christmas is over for yet another year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I sure as heck did. The shopping was not the bad part, it was just the wrapping. But in the end, it turned out amazing. I got all kinds of cool stuff, some I wasn't even expecting. Like for starters, I got an iPod Nano!! My mom won it at work and I get it for Christmas instead. I asked her why didn't she just keep it for herself, and she told me that she already had a music device and that I should have it. That figures, I always question something like that, asking someone why didn't they keep it for themselves?

But, all in all, here's some of the stuff I got:

Book. Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary. Has pictures and lets them do all the talking about their being around for 50 years

Very heavy book! Did not ask for this!

iPod Nano. Apple green. Gonna load it up with as much Def Leppard as it will allow!!

CD: The Rolling Stones GRRR!

Other: Key chain of Mario Brothers character Yoshi.
-He's so cute. Belt that looks like a seat belt with cartoon character Domo on it

Lotion for my stupid feet that crack and peel all the time

New camera with a plastic bag that says "Catie's new waterproof camera bag".
-Joke from my mom and step dad after I accidentally walked into the pool at our hotel in Mexico with my digital camera in the pocket of my board shorts

Visa Gift card to use on anything

More lotion and things, this one in White Jasmine

New wallet with Yoshi on it

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