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Monday, December 24, 2012

Rock Star Video Cameos

Have you ever wondered if your favorite rock stars have appeared in the video game world? Find out here!
Rock Stars in Video Games

-Revolution X
-Missions involve getting help from the band members. Like getting a secret message from Steven Tyler, flying a chopper around the city to find the band's car, fighting a character named Helga to earn your wings at London's Wembley Stadium, and bits and pieces of songs such as 'Walk This Way', 'Sweet Emotion', 'Love in an Elevator' 'Rag Doll' can be heard

Phil Collins
-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
-One mission that soldier Victor Vance must do is help music manager Barry Micelthwaite get Phil Collins to his concert safely so he can perform 'In the Air Tonight'

Ozzy Osbourne
-Brutal Legend
-This game has the played playing as a roadie named Riggs. He must navigate the world of heavy metal using information he gathers from people he meets along the way. Ozzy meets him eventually, as the Guardian of Metal, who helps him upgrade some stuff.
Gene Simmons
-Tony Hawk's Underground
-In 2003, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk released a video game called Tony Hawk's Underground. The soundtrack was almost all done by Kiss. And because the game was so heavily noted for its ability to allow players to play as certain celebrities, designers worked it in to allow the players to play as Gene Simmons

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